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Lead/Beek/Run 4-9: Drama, Deciding & Competition

Create the space...mark that calendar

10 days in, 9 classes in, and...uh...yep, only 4 runs in...and "behind" on blog posts. It's been a buzz! Remember I said I wasn't sure what this series would turn into? Well yeehaa! It's turning into something I didn't expect. A series I'll be posting on just once a week, cuz...let's face it...there's a lot to do besides posting here. (And truth be told, I'm super behind on other writing commitments that need my attention yesterday!) So while I thought I'd be here ever 2-3 days, you're just gonna have to trust me and make up the rest on what is going on in the lead/beek/run challenge. I'll be posting weekly on the lead/beek/run challenge. But stay tuned, cuz I have some additional energy/relationship/leadership blog posts a brewing...and they're feeling kind of juicy!

So what has the last week brought besides 6 classes and 2 runs? For one, I have a deeper level of appreciation for creating space (not only on the calendar, but in my head) for getting "in front of it" with training, nutrition, sleep, etc. I'm learning to schedule my training/nutrition like I schedule projects. It helps a ton. (Full disclosure, the picture above is me leading a business retreat for some clients, but it could be me marking my training calendar!) Secondly, remember how I was concerned about being an extremist and I'm either all in or all out and how would that impact my intentions? (I think that was in post 1 of the series.) Well, I'm over it! Yep! Totally evolved! (LOL.) This, I suppose, is the gift of being so physically present that I don't have time for the drama of extremism/all in/all out mentality. (Either that, or it's a simple survival/thrival tactic I've adopted - either way, it's feeling good.) I've decided that as long as I'm showing up 100% (and only I know), I'm cool. Just because I miss a class or a run or a post, does not mean all is lost. It just means climb back on. Pop quiz: Where does this "extremism" theory apply in your business and/or life? And where will the "climb back on" approach serve you? Go for it!

What else has this week brought? New awareness around "drama, decisions, and competition." Come on now...

DRAMA! I've been highly in tune with this idea of drama. Where I create it in my own mind chatter, where I get pulled towards it with family, and where I see it in organizations. What a gift drama is. For one, it's a distraction. When focused on the drama, everything else gets a pass. So the question becomes "What are you wanting/letting yourself be distracted from? And why?" (Gold nuggets on the other side of that question!) And, 2) Drama is a clue. "What's not working that needs solid attention? Where do you need to hold up a boundary (albeit maybe a very uncomfortable one.) Where are you bored? Not being used well?" (More gold in the answers here my friends!) And, 3) it's a test. "How focused can you stay in the light of drama? (Especially drama that is not yours.) How committed to you and the end result are you to boot out the drama and stay on path? And how committed to yourself are you for staying in integrity?" (Can you feel the riches?)

Drama takes away from all of these and it shows up in many sneaky ways. My yoga drama last week was two fold - first a spider on my mat, and then the internal mind chatter that came with watching someone else's drama unfold. For the spider, I noticed how quickly I was pulled to let this be my excuse for sitting a posture out and smushing it (I did not do either and I believe he is still alive and well.) For the other person's drama, I noticed how quickly I was to judge it, and use it as an excuse to lose focus. And then in the next breath how much a mirror that judgment was for me to look at. (When we judge, it's just a mirror for us to look at ourselves and what we need to work on. ) These may seem like silly drama examples, but they're such a microcosm for bigger things. How cool. Gifts gifts gifts! What can you learn from your drama?

DECISION. 've been looking at the word decide in different ways this week - for this week I'm particularly fascinated by what happens when a client DECIDES to be successful at something, when they decide to have a good relationship, or when they decide to be nice to themselves. Pretty powerful. See once you DECIDE to do something, you cut out "the back door" plan, the "maybe" plan, and the energy of "I dunno" and you go. Applying this to yoga or a run: I've noticed that when I truly decide to go to a class - I make it. When I truly decide to go on a run, I make it. When I decide to get into standing bow immediately - magically I make it. And what if I've truly decided, but it doesn't happen, or the plan gets changed due to issues outside my control? Or I loose my balance? I know - in my heart of hearts - that I've done all I can to do it, and I'll "recover" more quickly on making it happen. In other words, I'm at honest peace with myself AND I'm more creative and resilient in creating the next solution. Where do you need to make a decision in your life?

COMPETITION. Do you do things for YOU or do you do them for others, or to be as good as or better than others? There's a guy in my class who drinks no water during class. (Go figure, I can't imagine, I give him major kudos, wow.) When this was pointed out by our instructor, my first reaction was - "Oh! Wow. Crazy! Well....hmmm...if he can do it, so can I. Hmmm..." (Yes, not proud to say this is all going through my head in postures.) And so I set out to ditch water too, only it was from a place of "doing it as good as someone else" (or, gasp, maybe even better?) Let me tell you, this is not a sustainable, joyful, or particularly helpful place to do this from. It only made me even MORE aware of the water, my thirst, and how cold it would be. It only made me want more water. It was a tougher class because of this and the energy I brought to the issue of water. #BIGFAIL.

But then (after I got over myself and pounded a liter of water after class), I decided to get curious about what would it be like for me to take a class without water? What would that feel like for me? How would it help my practice? How would it challenge me personally? Who would I have to be to be that disciplined and focused? And this "place" is where I abstained from water for the next class. I did better - less water, more peace, and more appreciation for what not drinking water can do. It also left me feeling more appreciative for "Mr. No-Water-Man", not only for his devotion to his craft, but for giving me the opportunity to learn. I'm still drinking water, but the experience of this gave me new insight to doing something challenging for self vs. to look good, be a good student, or do as well as someone else. Big difference. (And I'm still taking water into class. I like my water.) Where are you challenging yourself for YOU, internally, vs. in competition with external sources? (Check the energy of it, sometimes a little tweak makes a world of difference!)

So there you go...three core places to explore. I have to tell you I kind of struggle with these posts because they're "all about me." When I work with clients and teach it is all about the student/client...so truly, in this series, I'm more particularly out of my comfort zone. That said, I feel much better when "all about me" creates service and value for others. So please, check it out - drama, decisions, and competition..how do these stories and principles apply to you in your life and what are you going to do about them? I'd love to hear it!

Til next week beautiful people. Thanks for reading and I'll see you out there!


Got Gratitude?

If you are wanting a bit of fun and inspiration for yoga I have two sites you have to check out, first is this great Bikram Yoga gal's blog - It's a Party, Not a Picnic - you will laugh, you will cry, you will marvel at the rawness and truth of her writing. (And if you take Bikram Yoga, you'll be right with her in the postures and what she shares.) Alison's ability to bring humor, beauty, and grit into the hot room has personally been a gift to me and made my practice richer.

The second site? If you are local, or even not (just come visit), check out Bikram Yoga Lincoln I've mentioned this studio before, you gotta try it out. Katherine, the other teachers, and the community that is building there, are simply...divine. It's become a second "home" and a place of connection - I know I'm not alone in sharing that. So check it out!