#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

It's Not About Time Management. Engaging & Leading the Scatterbrain.

module3_img4I get questions from subscribers and participants all the time about random things that relate to leadership, presence, energy, collaboration, dealing with their mom, changing something that they're afraid to change, etc. All sorts of Qs. I try to respond to every single one. Sometimes these Qs inspire articles. Sometimes an exercise. Sometimes a post. You just never know...

Today I thought I'd start sharing some of these in simplest form with the intention that there just might be something gold in here for you. If this is helpful to you, and you like this format, let me know—like it, share it, whatever your fancyand I'll keep doing it.

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Change Your Face, Change Your Impact.

shutterstock_98005580I get phone calls almost every week from people who are brilliant, in high positions, making great money, super talented, awesome ... but ... They're not quite having the impact they want to have. For some reason, it's just not happening.

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Want Better Relationships? Mend Your Relational Energy (with Video)

Let’s talk relationships.

In the IEP model, you’ve got four different quadrants that make up your energetic presence:

  • Physical/Environmental
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Vibrational
  • Relational

They all interact with each other and have an impact on each other. Work on just one...you impact the others too.

Relational Energy is one of the most important pieces in the IEP model.

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Inc.com: Your Leadership Prowess Rests on These 3 Things (Part 3)


Over the last two weeks, I've shared three primary ingredients for building stronger leadership prowess as an individual and as a team. The three were: show up for yourself (addressed in part 1), show up as a team (addressed in part 2), and hold a big "container" (which we're diving into now).

The "container" I refer to is not about holding someone in a box or constraining your employees, but rather about creating more belief, possibility and space; what you believe is possible for them, how you regard them, the potential you see in them, and how you hold them as whole, wonderful, magnificent, and capable--or not. The ability to hold a safe container is one of your leadership super powers.

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93% of Your Leadership Impact Is Going to Waste

What if I told you that you’re leaving a TON of potential impact, revenue and connection on the table?

Regardless of your leadership prowess—no matter how great it is—if your intention, energy, and presence aren't in alignment, you're leaving a ton of opportunity on the table. We are ALWAYS having an impact. Whether you're leading a meeting, or sitting in the back of the room—you're having an impact on your own experience, and the people around you.

This is your SUPERPOWER.

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