It's Monday. I saw someone this morning taking my kids to school, "Good morning! How are you?" I asked. "Ugh... hanging in there... Mondays you know??" they offered back.

Personally? I love Mondays. It's a fresh week, a fresh start, and a fresh set of opportunities to create impact, connect with people, and--wherever things aren't humming, redesign.

My first call this morning with a client was peppered with a blend of... "I'm worried about... I'm so busy... I have no idea how we're going to avoid ___ ... We don't want... "

The language and framing was constrictive vs. expansive--and not leaving a lot of room for breath or wisdom--so we gently reframed... "I'm aware of... My schedule has a ton of great stuff on it, AND I want to re-direct it a bit... I know we can figure out how to get to ___ if ____... We do want..."