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100 Days: Who will you become? What will you create?

As of 9/23 (tomorrow) there are ONE HUNDRED days left in 2020. One hundred days to make the rest of the year mean what you want it to mean for you, to become who you want to become, and to do your very intentional best with.


There is not a lot we can control right now, lots of uncertainty and chaos. And... we can control ourselves, how we show up, the meaning we make of things, how we treat ourselves and others, how we think about things, our rest, our hustle, our choices, and what we do about all of it... with 100 days left in the year (after 9/22), and with a lot of intention, energy, and presence, we can make more meaning out of this time and more space for ourselves, our congruency, and each other. Do you realize how much and what you can do with 100 days?  Especially if you're intentional about them?


As we navigate (and seemingly non-stop process) the news, our cultural, business, financial, and relational changes and challenges, our kids going back to school, COVID-19, global warming, social issues, racial injustices, cultural tension, our own mental, physical, and emotional well-being, and so much more, an invitation to stop, breathe, pause, and consider... by the end of this year (100 days from now)... 


  • Who do I want to become?
  • What do I want to create?
  • How do I want to show up? 
  • What do I need to do to set myself up to be my best? 



There is a process I've completed for myself several times in the last six years. It's 100 days.  It helps me build my relationship with myself, strengthen my internal trust and congruency, listen to myself (and others) in deeper ways, and nourish and fortify my energetic field so that I can make more aligned decisions and give more, serve more, hear more, and lead more with greater clarity and resilience and without "giving myself away" or leaving myself depleted, exhausted, and even resentful. 


I've shared processes like this before in #ProjectImpeccable (a 60-day IEP Program, which you are welcome to dig into) and other posts. But I've never shared the 100-day process. I'm sharing it now given that we're 100 days out until the end of this very important year and given that, through my conversations with so many of you, I'm seeing that a program that helps “up-level your relationship w/self, presence, and personal congruency” over 100 days could be really useful right about now. 



So... #PandemicPlan100 to support you as you move through the rest of the year. Voila!

This is a "bonus" program; it's simple, gritty, choose your own adventure, it might take you 10 minutes or 100 minutes a day (your call!), and is self-paced. Of course you can do it on your own by just asking those questions and setting intentions over the next 100 days -- or you can join us if you want the guardrails, frameworks, and tools to support you in your plan. Either way, I’ll be on socials (on Instagram and LinkedIn) with thoughts and tips as we go.

To ensure that ANYONE who wants it can access it, it's pay-what-you-can with a $10 minimum. As always 20% of the proceeds will go to support food insecurity and those who could use extra care right now.

Learn more and register here.

Note: This is not about DOING MORE or comparison or FOMO or JOMO, or anything that is not nourishing -- this is about creating more space and intention for YOURSELF so you can up-level your relationship with self, your personal congruency, your health, your leadership, your impact, your rest, and whatever you deem most essential right now. This is not a DOING program, it’s more of a BEING and BECOMING program.
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