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12 Days of Questions for Optimizing Your Leadership, Honoring Yourself, & Crafting a Powerful 2016

12 Days of Questions for Optimizing Your Leadership, Honoring Yourself, and Crafting a Powerful 2016

It’s that time of the year again when people go into reflection mode in looking at what they accomplished over the last year, who they became, and what they want to do moving forward. For your leadership pleasure, here are 12 places to look over the next month as you close out 2015 and get ready to create some amazing impact, and a life you love, in 2016…

  1. What are you most happy about from 2015? What did you accomplish? Who did you become?
  2. What was the most difficult thing about 2015? What was your biggest challenge in leadership? What did you learn from it?
  3. What was your most inspiring relationship this last year? Why? How did you show up? What are the qualities of that relationship you’d love to cultivate in others? What relationships do you want to nurture or create in 2016?
  4. If you could have 3 things be different RIGHT NOW, what would they be?
  5. What do you want to be celebrating next year at this time? (Go deep on this one, think beneath the surface.)
  6. What are 3 things you want to ensure happen in 2016? What are three new habits you’d like to create? One habit you’d like to release?
  7. What do you want more of in your life this coming year? Less of?
  8. What area of your life is the most solid right now? What area needs the most work and TLC? (Relationships, business, finances, health, your environment, friends, family, purpose, etc…)
  9. What area of your leadership (skills, presence, mindset, other) would you most like to strengthen in 2016?
  10. Who are you becoming? (Give this one extra attention.) What’s ONE thing (or more) you will have to let go of to become that?
  11. Paint a picture of your dream 2016…. What’s it look like, feel like, taste like?
  12. Pick YOUR 3 words. Three words that reflect how you want to FEEL and how you want to SHOW UP in 2016.

Happy reflection and PREflection! Give yourself the gift of diving into these. It will pay off, show up, and ripple out in more ways that you and I might imagine right now.

Tis’ the season. Enjoy it. XO

The post originally appeared on on December 7, 2015.


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