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3 Ways to Have Your Customers at “Hello” and Build Long Lasting Relationships

3 Ways to Have Your Customers at “Hello” and Build Long Lasting Relationships

You have an opportunity with every single client or customer you work with to leave them feeling better than when they met you, to contribute hugely to their business and life, and to create a meaningful interaction — or even better relationship — that will have you serve as a trusted partner and resource in their life… or not. Here are three things I see as being essential to building strong client relationships with integrity and care. They’re free, they don’t take a lot of time, and the ROI can be delicious.

Be fully present with them.

This one needs no introduction, but I’ll give you some clarification. Being fully present means being with them NOW, being present to what’s not being said (really paying attention to their energetic presence and the intent and desires that may not be being shared), intending and managing your physical presence (even if they can’t see you), and being truly present to what they need, now. This also includes being present to your own Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP) and how you’re showing up in every moment.

Connect with their why and who they’re becoming.

They’ve come to you for a very specific reason (whether it’s to buy ice cream, to learn new skills, or to completely change their culture and systems) — get curious… Really curious. Why have they come to you? What’s important about what you’re about to do together? How does the work you’re going to do, or the product you’re going to sell them, impact and contribute to who they’re becoming in their life? The ice cream may be because they want a pleasurable palate experience with their kids and be a great dad; the skills may be because they want to be more effective, a better leader, or get better results; and the change in culture and systems may be because they want to create a legacy, an even more amazing space for their employees to work, or they want to change the world. Get curious here. There is gold for a lifetime of relationships in this ONE query — if you truly look.

Tell the truth.

This one needs to be underlined twenty times. You clients and customers are trusting you. They’re spending their money with you, their time, their energy, their life force. Honor it. One of the best ways to do this is to tell the truth. If you see something for them, tell them. If you aren’t the right person or company for them, tell them. If they’re getting in their own way, tell them. If you know someone who can serve them better than you for what they need, tell them. And if you love them, tell them.

It’s all good. Be present, hold them big, and tell them the truth and you’ll be on your way not only to more repeat business, but to more meaningful connections that can create huge impact in this big beautiful world we live in.

Ready? Go. Happy Monday.

Resources for how to work your own IEP, create more connection, and optimize your leadership presence, as well as excerpts from my upcoming book, Contagious Culture, can be found right here — you are welcome to them. Enjoy!

This article originally appeared on on October 5, 2015.


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