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5 Areas for Creating Cultural Health that Business Leaders  Can Use to Determine if They Have a Culture & Leadership Problem

My team and I have been both deep in the trenches with and also witness to many organizations going through big changes right now. There are several things, many very nuanced however VERY LOUD, to pay attention to in order to truly create organizational and cultural health NOW. In this video, I walk you through 5 of the ones that have us most excited to lean into right now.


Here's what I discuss in 13 minutes:

  • leveraging and honoring the energy of new leaders (vs. crushing it),
  • why repair may be necessary before you can create a kick$%#@ culture,
  • why  your training and coaching initiatives may be falling short on ROI,
  • why your employees may not be telling you the truth about how they're doing right now (which is only killing your culture) and why literally everyone needs a "hug" no matter what level of leadership. (Heads up on the authenticity, courage, and grace required to create the honest space for this), and,
  • why you must go slow to go fast in order to redirect the energy of your workforce to focus on the right things right now (don't worry, not too slow — a little intention and presence goes a long way). 

If this is you and you'd like to accelerate your progress on creating true cultural health and leveraging the intentions, energy, and presence of your workforce for optimal results, consumer trust, and healthy creative loyal employees and leaders... reach out!

Our Positive Energy Workplace™ Initiative Membership and Training and Certification Program for organizations and leaders launches in January. We are starting early with 5 Founding Member Organizations this quarter and we have some spots left. If you'd like to "get in front of" the new year, get a head start on programming, and receive some excellent bonuses (and financial benefits) to support your organization (and YOU) sooner than later, please contact us.

Be well. Lead big. Breathe... 


Video Timeline:


0:00 - Welcome

0:25 - Mapping Out The Five Areas

0:53 - Pay Attention To Your Young Leaders

2:23 - Repairing Your Culture Health

4:29 - Leaders Need Emotional Support

7:36 - Training Initiatives

9:16 - Redirecting The Energy Of Your Workforce

11:21 - Active Choices + IEP Methodology

13:00 - Closing


Contagious Culture - 

Executive Study - Coming Soon


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