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93% of Your Leadership Impact Is Going to Waste

anese_93percentWhat if I told you that you’re leaving a TON of potential impact, revenue and connection on the table?

Regardless of your leadership prowess—no matter how great it is—if your intention, energy, and presence aren't in alignment, you're leaving a ton of opportunity on the table. We are ALWAYS having an impact. Whether you're leading a meeting, or sitting in the back of the room—you're having an impact on your own experience, and the people around you.

This is your SUPERPOWER.

Your Leadership Is How You Show Up in the Room

Studies have found that as little as 7% of our impact is in the words we say—while as much as 93% of our impact is in our presence, the energy we're bringing to the table, our beliefs, our posture, our facial expressions.

Leadership is about how we Show Up. It’s about the impact we have on other people...and how we make things happen in the world. We have to be paying attention to our presence to Show Up well.

What’s YOUR Impact — Right Now?

Think about the person who walks into a room and the energy of the room changes before they even say a word. Maybe you’re charged up and ready to roll...or maybe your energy suddenly drops.

We have absolute control over how we Show Up in any room we walk into. It comes down to awareness first.

Which one are you: A Contributor? Or a Detractor?

How to Improve Your Impact on Others

Here are three things you can do to improve your impact:

  1. Awareness of your presence. Notice your impact and how you're showing up.

  2. Notice the energy you're bringing to the room and the experience people are having of you when you walk in the room.

  3. Set your intention of how you want to Show Up and how you want people to experience you.

Next Steps

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