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Addressing Resiliency & "Self-Care" with Your Workforce.

I recently had a conversation with an executive team who wanted to work on ways to make their culture feel better right now. People are tired, they're trying to connect remotely and do their jobs while walking their dogs and managing their kids' Zoom rooms, workload is high, connection is low, and presence is extra tricky right now. This organization was particularly interested in exploring ways to build resiliency and create a healthy culture now in this new business environment.


We discussed some of their issues, explored how THEY were personally doing, and what THEY needed in order to serve the people they led through this time. Every road pointed back to the following: get clear on your intentions, energy, and presence (IEP). Lead from there.


For example:


  • Intentions: How clear are you about your intentions for your team/organization and addressing the challenge of resiliency and well-being? How clear and clean are you in your communication about it? And again, WHAT is the intention? Why is this important? (Do not take this one for granted. Dig deeper.) 
  • Energy: How are you creating space for your own self-care (mental, physical, emotional)? How are you prioritizing it, showing people it matters and is something to take time for? How are you talking about it? How are you making sure you (and your people) have the energy and stamina you need to lead? You (and your workforce) tending to your personal sustainability is a leadership skill and part of your fiduciary duty to your business. Do you hold it as such? 
  • Presence: How present are you to what's happening and how exhausted people truly may be? (And the impact of this?) How present are you to what's most important? How present are you with your team? What are you modeling? How are you showing up? And HOW are you creating a container and climate for people to take care of themselves and truly be present?    

The deeper we got into this conversation, the clearer it became that the leadership team needed to give themselves permission and accountability for cultivating their own self-care, nourishment, and IEP. This would only make them stronger, more credible, present, and resilient to help their people build their own as well. This would be what would help this conversation, and the changes that needed/wanted to come with it, stick.


Leadership is an inside-out job. We have to start with ourselves first. Yes, of course there are things I offered this company and strategies to address the above, they'll rock them out I'm sure. AND... the most important thing is that they're paying attention to how they're showing up for themselves and each other as well. From there, trust, congruency, and true service can emerge.  


Inquiry/Make it Real:

Where are YOU with your own leadership presence, well-being, resiliency building, level of intentionality and clarity, and how you're showing up? Start here and lead the way. Your people will thank you for it.



To address this challenge and tremendous opportunity, I'm leading a 6-week leadership cohort for senior and executive leaders starting February 17th. You can find all details here. Spaces are limited, if you'd like support on developing your leadership presence, intentions, self-care, credibility, and resiliency, please register soon!

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