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Are you burning out? Are your people?

“It’s naive to think in today’s day and age that an organization does not play a part in their employees’ wellness.”  -- Tara Ataya, chief people and diversity officer at Hootsuite.   

Last week's headline (linked above) said 95% of people are considering quitting their jobs in a recent survey, citing burnout and relentless work of the last year as a core reason.

I see this currently in the work I'm doing with clients (whether they're coming to me privately or sponsored by their organization). I also went through my own version of this this past year and learned a lot.


In this video (excuse post-workout presentation -- I was richly scheduled that day and wanted to get this out 😁), I talked about these stats, places to look for yourself if you’re experiencing this, and things to consider as an organization to get in front of this issue (or respond effectively). (The article cited above also gives several examples of ways different organizations are navigating this as well. As always, I start with inquiry to invite exploration.)

FFT: If you quit your job, change industries, or even take time off -- that may all be perfect and great -- BUT, you take yourself with you wherever you go… so building self-advocacy, self-care, awareness, and other tools that will support you in being your own best friend, asking for what you need, and collaborating well with others, will be essential in helping you prevent or navigate burnout in the next place. Of course, there are many factors here and everyone is different AND these are some places to look. 

If you’re going through this, what are you doing to take care of yourself? What do you need?

If you are leading an organization that is experiencing this in your workforce, what are you doing to address it?

I have many thoughts on this. If you want more, drop a comment, questions, etc. on the video and I’ll do a live or something else.


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