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Contagious You vs Contagious Culture: How They Differ


With Contagious You coming out tomorrow, we've had questions on what's the difference between this new book and Contagious Culture.

If you've already read Contagious Culture, Contagious You is a great next step. It will introduce you to new frameworks, help you strengthen your IEP and influence, build more of your field, lead in new ways, integrate this content with your team and relationships, work better with "George," and even invite “Georgette” to shift (if s/he wishes and if you're an "invitation"). If you ARE George (and hey, we all have our "George/Georgette moments"!), this book will help you explore why, what, and how you might shift if you want to have a different impact and/or feel better doing so.


If you haven't read Contagious Culture, great. Read Contagious You and then dig into CC! After all, a Contagious Culture is simply a bunch of Contagious You’s hanging out together. These books are BFFs -- they play great together and also stand nicely alone. You will get something from each of them in very different ways and they are both written to serve…


Here are some of the things I talk about in Contagious You that I'm super excited about (all of this is new content since Contagious Culture): 

  • Statistics on engagement, trust, and the costs of not having either (all related to having negatively contagious you's leading and working in your organization); do you know that not fully listening and pretending to be present increases cortisol in your employees which decreases trust, increases stress, puts people into defense mode, and shuts down the thinking center of our brain? Ya, that's just from pretending to listen...
  • The Contagious Factor Formula™ -- a formula for how contagious you are which is impacting your leadership, sales, feedback, relationships, fitness, parenting, and everything
  • Studies on how long we actually have to make a first impression (hint: it's way less than 7 seconds), and what to do about that so that we set a better tone from the start
  • How “fixing” anyone is not possible; fixing, changing, even empowering -- forget it. There's a better, more inspiring, energizing, expansive, and authentic way to do it. We dig in. 
  • Real-life stories of how contagiousness plays out, the ripple effects and outcomes, and how to shift them for good (I'm certain you'll relate to several of these.) 
  • A deep dive into "George" and "Mary" -- who they are, why they are, and what to do if you work with them (or are them)
  • Assessments (six of them) to help assess where you're at with impact, your IEP, how people feel about you, the cost of negative energy in your life, if you're George/Georgette/G (the “lowest vibe in the room,” people follow you because they have to, not because they want to, etc.) or Mary/Marvin/M (high vibe, clean IEP, and exhausted and wanting to learn how to build your field better and navigate and lean in with the G's of the world more effectively)
  • Ownership and accountability -- what they actually mean, how to inspire them, and how to hold them
  • The new "Want It /Love It Up" and "Do the Work" 5-Step Frameworks to help you determine what you actually WANT and how to make it happen for real (and authentically)
  • Blindspot identification and optimization
  • The Portal of Purpose and Impact and how to open it (there are five required components)
  • New ways of creating impact and influence... 

And that's just in Part One, “Contagious You: Claim Your Power.”


There are four other parts in this book: Contagious Presence, Contagious Relating, Contagious Leadership, and Contagious Impact. Which address additional areas in service of supporting you, your organization, your clients, and your loved ones in leadership and impact.


Ready to order? Get your copy at Amazon or Porchlight (great for bulk orders!) today. 


The conversation of Contagious You continues on to explore…

  • Designing your IEP, making self-care and self-kind a leadership skill, creating morning rituals that matter
  • Strengthening your immunity; your immunity builders and your kryptonite, trust me, we all have them, they lurk -- put them in the light and our leadership and energetic foundation flourishes.
  • 21 Superpower practices (including new trifectas) to create impact, protect yourself from negativity, influence others, lead well, navigate conflict, and more...
  • The Science of Showing Up -- a whole chapter on the science behind being contagious, the IEP work, presence, and influence (I collaborated with a brilliant neuroscientist for this chapter!)
  • The 7Ps of personal burnout -- these are different than the Ps in CC, where I talk about professional and organizational burnout
  • Leadership depression -- identifying it and addressing it
  • new approach and tool to using (and expanding/enhancing) the Energetic Xylophone
  • Focus on mental health --  getting support, asking for help, and making the conversation of mental well-being not only okay, but celebrated
  • Navigating "that guy/gal" -- understanding them, meeting them where they're at, leading them out, and exiting the building when needed
  • New ways to give feedback on the "soft stuff" and when someone's energy is just not good
  • "OPPPE" -- other people's problems, projections, and (contagious) expectations;  A whole chapter on recognizing, owning, and navigating projection, energy vampires, and those people who just want to stay where they're at and complain the day away (I collaborated with a brilliant psychotherapist for this chapter!)
  • Creating system wellness through conflict navigation and proactive relationship design and agreements
  • Bringing people with you -- enrolling and serving versus telling and empowering
  • Addressing leadership and energetic hygiene for yourself and with your team
  • Honoring and accelerating team magic -- we go into new structures, frameworks, and principles to help your team soar
  • Case studies and shares of best practices from 13 organizations including IDEO, 15Five, Vivayic, a large financial services institute, health care, educational organizations, hospitality, and more
  • Creating a contagious culture for YOUR organization using principles from CC and now from CONTAGIOUS YOU. This time, I give you not one but two, and actually, THREE(!) lists of HOW to do it (You all kept asking for the "Culture Change List" -- voila, it is here)
  • And finally, creating contagious impact, making it real, and being a force for good in the world

I’m supremely grateful and happy to share that Ari Weinzweig, CEO of Zingerman's, wrote the foreword and speaks to how they use the IEP work, energy leadership, the practice of being contagious, and the work I write about in this book within the ZCOB (Zingerman's Community of Businesses). His foreword is powerful, honest, educational, and very much Ari. 


Please join me in the conversation (and check out our book video and so much more!) and in sharing this conversation with those you love and lead.


To your positively and usefully contagious leadership and impact,


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