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Creating an (authentically) Positive Energy Workplace™ & Leadership (video)


Why is positive energy important? How do we create it? How does it impact our culture? For years we've worked with leaders and organizations on building healthier more positively contagious cultures and authentic positive energy leadership. Often when I speak about how to do this, people will ask for the "checklist" -- the checklist for building a healthy culture or leading better. ("Yes, yes, yes... I know positive energy is important, yes yes yes... give me the checklist.") We can give you a checklist, trust me, we have many -- however, it will ultimately only be as good as the honest inner work you do to truly create positive energy within yourself first. Creating healthy leadership and a healthy culture is an inside-job... 


Last month, Harvard Business Review published an article, "The Best Leaders Have a Contagious Positive Energy".  (Four of my favorite words in one title: leaders, contagious, positive, and energy!) The article speaks to some of the what and why of positive energy leadership. In the video below, I offer you a bit more about the (sustainable) authentic how as well as some things to watch out for as you build your leadership and culture. Enjoy!


ACI has been building Positive Energy Workplaces and authentic leadership with individuals and organizations for 20 years and we’ve found that, while positive energy is great, if it's not built and cultivated authentically, and by each person in their own congruent manner from the inside-out, it is at best not sustainable and at worst can lead to burnout and forced or toxic positivity.


To learn more about our approach on how to do this, I invite you to read CONTAGIOUS CULTURE and CONTAGIOUS YOU, do our IEP-103 course, and/or contact us for a consult on how to authentically create more positive energy in your leadership and workplace.


Thank you as always for being in the conversation. 

To your well-being, authenticity, and impact,



Timestamp for above video:

0:00 - Welcome

1:35 - You as an authentically Positive Energy leader + Creating a Positive Energy Workforce

6:11 - What energy are you bringing to the table

8:11 - Essential You

9:57 - Creating a sustainable, authentic Positive Energy Workplace

11:38 - Wrap Up 


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