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5 Apps to Help Bring Out the Best in People (Including Yourself).

I’m a big fan of tools. Anything that helps optimize productivity, presence, or impact, sign me up. I’ve downloaded many. Used some. Stuck with a few… Some have rocked my world. Some have fallen flat, only taking up precious space on my phone.

What I most love are apps that actually help bring out the best in people. Here, for your exploration pleasure are 5 apps I’m really keen on right now. Each of which is making my work better, my team better, and my joy better.

Meeting Hero. “Say goodbye to soul-crushing meetings” is their mantra and I like it. This great little app integrates into your calendar and sets up all players with clear intentions, outcomes, and action items for meetings. Ditch the meetings for the sake of meetings where you talk in circles and everyone walks out less energized than when they walked… Save yourself time, money, and actually get some stuff done. Easy peasy.

15Five. “Yum.” That’s all I have to say. Your team spends 15 minutes a week inputting what’s up for them, what they’re working on, what they need, what they’re happy about, whatever… (You can customize questions.) Then, you spend 5 minutes to read them all… voila. You know what’s up, where the hot spots are, and how you can better serve your team.

5Minute Journal. I’m in love with this one, and it seems to bring me great luck. Take five minutes in the a.m. to set intentions and what you’re grateful for, then 5 minutes in the evening to reflect on what awesomeness happened, and zoom zoom. Makes for great energy and intentionality throughout the day. If I were to create an app for the IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence), I imagine it’d be close to this one, sharing some important themes around presence and intention.

Clear. I love to do lists, I have 4 apps on my phone currently that provide them in some way, shape or form… the only one I use consistently and that makes my brain relax just using it is Clear. You put your to-do/thought/idea/whatever in, you grab it so it gets to the right prioritized place, and when you’re done or it’s handled, you swipe it. (I personally get a little rush of endorphins from doing this.) And voila… there it is. You can have multiple lists. I have one for work, writing, home, kids, ideas, clients, etc. my brain smiles just knowing it has a place to put all my stuff. Again, easy peasy.

Sleep Cycle. Sleep is part of the deal for bringing out the best in yourself, this I know for sure. This little app is what got me started on getting better sleep; just having it had me be more intentional about sleep, which led to creating a better environment for sleeping, which of course led to better – and more – quality sleep. Which leads to a better me. Great to use consistently, and even if it’s just for a boost and for awareness, that works too.

There you go. Five simple apps that are user friendly, life enhancing, and reasonably priced (or free!). So much great stuff out there to help us optimize, organize, and show up even more powerfully in the world. What are your favorite apps and tools for doing this?


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