The Positive Energy Workplace

Are you the weakest link? 3 ways to "hold your space" in leadership.

The lowest energy "wins".

You walk into a room, and the room feels heavy, "down", tense, yucky. You however do not. Unless you "match" that energy.

You're excited about a project and you get push back, naysaying, "it'll never work", "who are you to"... And you keep going. Unless you "match" that energy.

You're having a great day. And you join your friends or colleagues for coffee. They're not. "Things are broken. Life is hard. So-and-so sucks. There's nothing I can do about it. S0-and-so is out to get me. It's hard." But you're not there - you see it differently. You're loving life, it's full of possibility! Problems? No problem! Unless you "match" that energy.

If you "match" that energy - you are now the "weakest link" - fresh bad energy susceptible to more and seeking to feed. Ironically, you may notice that maybe, just maybe, everyone around you feels just a bit better because now you've matched them. The negative collective just got reinforced, validated, stronger. Their negativity has more grounds and "maturity". The tribe grows. Great.

And now you're low. You feel heavier. That project feels harder and not as compelling. Your culture sucks. Competition and insecurity sneaks in. And this day? Well... it wasn't so great to start with.

Please say it isn't so.

Unfortunately it all too often... is.

That "feeling" you get, the "sense" you get, the "elephant in the room", the feeling of dread? That's all just energy. Different levels and vibrational frequencies of energy. Most of it not yours, but rather others "putting it" in your space - hoping you'll climb on. (This by the way is rarely strongly in our consciousness - it's subtle, energetic. Check it out.) You can match it, or you can hold your own.

The heavier darker more negative energy often wins. Why?

It's easier for most to match. It's more prevalent. You can find allies quick. "Misery loves company." It's easier to stay with it than do something about it. (Just like it can be easier to complain than make change.) You can be a victim to negative energy. You can abdicate. It's easier. But only if you let it be.

Don't believe the hype.

It doesn't have to be. There's hope. And here's how.

The higher frequency can inspire others to "come up" - you've seen this. I am certain of it. When I talk about energy being contagious, this is it. When you hold your high frequency, and protect and nurture yourself in it, you give others the space to step into their own version of "higher frequency". They need space. This space actually allows them to see what's true and what's not and where they maybe "hooked" on matching the heavier energy. They can find their own truth here.

So stay. Hold your space. Don't worry about bringing them "up a notch" in their own energy. You holding your space and staying powerful and positive and clear is compelling enough. If they're open to it. If they're not, but rather highly committed to the negative... Walk away. And if you can't walk away? Then put on your energetic shield (I've learned to think of it as a bubble) and don't let that muck into your space. Hold your space. Protect it. It's yours.


Three ways to "hold your space" in leadership.

Find your space and stay in it. Practice regular meditation. Whatever form resonates for you. For some this is a 10 day silent retreat, for others it's a run, for some it's cleaning, and for others it's meditating in their chair for 20 minutes. Do what works. But find your space. And stay in it.

Guard your field. The food you eat, the liquids you drink, the drugs you do (sugar, caffeine or hard core) all have an impact on our energy fields. The environment you put yourself in; the clothes you wear; the amount of television you watch; the cleanliness of your office; the people you hang out with; your level of gratitude; and the way you talk to yourself, impact your field as well.

Breathe and stand up straight. Get present. Right now. Here in this moment. Breathe. Pull your shoulders back. Stand up straight. Reconnect with that "bubble". Know what's yours and what's not. Pay attention to the energy in the room and pull yourself out of it. Focus on what YOU want to create. Go back to #1 - find your space and stay in it.

As always... Rinse and repeat.

Make YOUR choices, decide where YOU want your frequency to be, DIRECT your energy, and LEAD.

We're counting on YOU. //axc