Leadership Between the Lines

Boots or Slippers in 2010?

So what will you focus on this year? Are you wearing "boots" or "slippers" in 2010? Now I'm all for a good pair of slippers when needed - I can appreciate chilling out, rest, even laziness, with the best of them - and I believe full heartedly that these all have a place in being the most effective human being and leader possible (Tenet 3: Energy & Vitality - "Bootists Check Out and Consciously Disengage"). That said, there's also great value in being conscious of when you're wearing slippers and really need to be wearing boots. Not telling you which is which, that's totally up to you, I AM however inviting you to be intentional about when and how you wear both. (After all, there's a reason the phrase goes: "slip slip sliding away...")

The beginning of the year is a great time to look at this and set some intentions moving forward. One of the best ways I know to "put your boots" on is to make some promises to yourself and set some solid intentions and action plans for the year coming up. While it may be tempting to "slip back into those slippers" when you find "curves or mountains ahead" on your path, or when you look back and have to pull learning from rough or "failed" trails - it's essential to your growth and success as a spirit and a leader to do so. Good news; the boots will help you stand in your strongest self, tell yourself the truth, access your most effective resource state, and move forward as powerfully as possible. Really.

So put your boots on, click your heels together, and join me for some possible New Year's intention/planning/musing activities. Do one or all - whatever strikes your fancy!

"Boots On" Option 1: Hit the questions on my blog - take them seriously and see what you can create.

"Boots On" Option 2: Pick a theme for 2010. A word. A phrase. A mantra. Whatever. Last year mine was "leverage, connection, quality, and contribution" - those words served me greatly this year and did a lot for my business and spirit. This next year I've chosen the 4G's for myself: "grace, gratitude, growth and --------" (Can you guess? Email me, if you get it right I'll give you a surprise.) These words, along with my intentions and criteria (in business and my personal life) will help guide me in 2010. What words or feelings pull you right now as you head into this new chapter?

"Boots On" Option 3: Pick a Tenet from the Bootist Leadership Model to lean into hard (and gracefully) this year. In a nutshell - Here are 7 areas you could focus on that will give you more direction, intention and impact in the new year - IF you stay focused and do the work.

  1. Your vision
  2. Your self-awareness
  3. Your energy & vitality
  4. Your relationships
  5. Your mindset & leadership presence
  6. Your systems
  7. Your leadership impact

Energy, leadership, relationships, and congruency with self - that's the name of the Bootist Game - how will you play it?

That's all for now. Make it count. And really - if you're ready to dive in and create some real shifts with your business, your team, or your life in 2010 - let's talk "boot".