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So so so BUSY?? 10 Reasons Your Work-Life Balance Is Out of Whack

"I'm soooo busy!"
So much talk about "busy busy", I hear it everyday. It's not very productive. It's not very life-giving. And really, it's just not very compelling. Although I'm sure when people say it, they think in some way it is... or do they?

I did an interview yesterday on Sirius XM 126 (Urban View w/MaggieLinton). We talked a lot about "busy". It was an especially great time to talk about it with all the back to school kid shuffles people have going on this week and with all the awesome opportunities we have in business these days!

To improve your work-life balance, take a hard look at yourself - are you using these excuses or letting yourself be a victim?

Here are 10 hot reasons for BUSY. What's yours?

  1. It's a default answer, you just don't think about it - it's like "I'm fine."
  2. It's a badge of honor, "I'm important."
  3. You're not great at prioritizing.
  4. You're afraid to say "no" or disappoint so you say "yes" to everything - and get bizzzyy.
  5. You spend significant "unconscious time" on mentally draining things: gossip, tv, avoidance, procrastination, storytelling, getting into other peoples' business... shall I go on?
  6. You're not present in the moment to what actually IS right here right now.
  7. Your attention is not focused in the right place - you're focusing on the wrong stuff (usually not aligned with your purpose or big why).
  8. You've told yourself the story of busy for so long you now believe it and your body has fully bought into it so energetically and physiologically you feel constantly busy.
  9. You need help, and asking for help is an edge for you. (Lean in, vulnerability is sexy -- and a leadership skill - GO.)
  10. You have your own reasons and adrenal perks for "busy".... pick yours!

Ninja super power move... Simply be conscious of your language and intentional with your relationship with "busy". If you LOVE being busy and the thrill, and even the stress -- awesome -- own it. And if not, shift it. You choose.

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