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Dare to Share: Articles, Essays & Audios, oh my!

I know blogs are not for “commercials” and I don’t intend this to be one at all, but I do have a couple of things I want to let you know about. First, 2 new articles have been released in an international publication, second, I’m about to release a paper I’m really excited about and if you want it (with my compliments), there’s quick action to be taken, and third, if you’re into getting limited edition stuff, read to the end. I’ll be back tomorrow with a more regular post…but for now…here’s some scoop.

tng worldwide magazine has recently picked up a couple of my articles in their publications. I’m happy about this. They’ve been great to work with, the Editor Aimee Gurski is really wonderful, and I’m honored to be sharing my “work” with their audience in this way. They’ve given us permission to have the articles on our site (there are two currently, from different editions, and more to come.) If you’re interested, you can find the articles, and other press/publications, at DTE News or you can link directly to the latest article on "Performance Improvement: Dare to Elevate Engagement" A special shout out of gratitude to tng, happy to be collaborating with you like this and looking forward to more!

Anese leading a DTE Bootist Retreat
A couple other things I should mention while I’m here. If you are not on my list (see that box in the upper right hand corner with space for your name and email address?), I invite you to “get on my list.” I often hesitate “pushing the opt-in,” because I’m sensitive to email overload and resist shameless self promotion, but in this case I’m okay with it because what I really want is to be able to connect with you more regularly, inside our community, and share some of what we’re working on. And right now I’m working on something I’m pretty excited about, a special release of an essay called “Leading with Boots On: The Art of Bootism™.” Bootism is not what you think it is, I promise, so hop on and you’ll be the first to get the scoop on “leading with boots on” (in addition to access to past articles and first release of future articles and announcements.) I know I’m touchy about how much email I get, so I totally get the hesitation to “subscribe”, but I will tell you this – you won’t get junk from me, everything you receive will be something you can apply to your life in some way, it’s all free, and you can opt out at any time if it’s not for you. So please, walk your boots up to the right hand corner and sign in, it will be great to share this stuff with you, and it’s easier than me repeating myself a couple of hundred times!

Finally, last announcement, we’ve just made some tweaks to our products page and there are only like 8 hard copy kits left of the “Amp Up Your Leadership” audio program. If you want one, or have been thinking about it, please grab it. You’ll be able to get the download for a long time to come (I believe) but for those of you who like the tangible CD and field work guide that come with it, I don’t anticipate printing more, so heads up!

Okay! Back on soon with more to think about, thanks for joining me here.