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Gratitude... A gift in itself

I LOVE Thanksgiving... it may very well be my favorite holiday. To me, this week is one of the happiest of the year, regardless of what's happening in the economy, in the world, in our own personal lives. Truly. One of the happiest of the year. Why?

Because we get to walk around expressing gratitude, more than usual, not that we can't everyday (because I personally believe we absolutely can and should). But because it gives us an extra container and nudge to create space for gratitude. LOVE IT!

Finding the things your grateful for and writing them down, is becoming old school for creating joy and happiness in your life. There are gratitude journals, gratitude rocks, gratitude clubs... Gratefully so.

And how often do you step outside to express gratitude? Being grateful in your journal or in your head and heart is one thing -- but extending it to the source of gratitude is another. Step outside yourself this week and let EVERYONE you know in your life know how grateful you are for them. Write them, call them, stop by and see them. Just let them know. Engage with them. Tell them who they are to you, what they mean, how they fill your life with joy and ease. Let them know what you learn from them. Who they inspire you to be. How they make you want to be a better person. How they light you up. How their sharing of imperfections and brilliance gives you the space to be authentically imperfect and brilliant in your own way.

And enjoy. Savor the expression on their face. Savor the joy of reaching out. The joy of having them feel "seen" and appreciated. The joy you feel when you've made a true connection of gratitude. Even better, don't stop with this week... keep it going even when there's no reminder/container for gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am truly grateful for the people that read this blog, make comments, pay it forward with the information, teach me, and inspire me to learn more, share more and simply be more.

From my grateful heart to yours...

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