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How to Give Impactful Performance Reviews and Feedback (with video)


Often people view performance reviews and feedback as scary, something to avoid—from both the giving and receiving ends. But it doesn't have to be that way. Are you giving reviews as a top-down activity, just going through the motions because you have to? Or do you take advantage of a rich opportunity to truly impact someone in a meaningful way?

You CAN give feedback powerfully, beautifully, and effectively. The solution is to bring more IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence) and TLC (Tender Loving Care) to the feedback and performance review process, more rigor, and more powerful “truth telling” and “pointing” in service of others. Your effectiveness in doing this will depend on the intention, energy, and presence you bring to the table.

Consider the container you're holding for the people on your team—what they can do and what's possible for them. Before giving feedback, check your IEP. Your goal is to set them up well by the way you “show up” in the feedback process and through the beliefs you hold about them, who they are, and what’s possible.

How to Give Impactful Performance Reviews and Feedback [Video]

4 Steps to "Life Giving" (vs. Soul Sucking) Performance Reviews

1. Don't make performance reviews an annual thing—give feedback throughout the day and week—in the moment. Make it part of your norm.

2. Do give feedback consistently. Do it for the good stuff and for the constructive stuff. Make it part of your regular drumbeat and conversations.

3. Don't view feedback as a chore. Bring the right energy to the moment to maximize your impact. This is an opportunity (for both of you) to serve and to optimize.

4. Do approach the situation from a place of care and consideration. See what’s possible. See the shine and name it. And if they have an “edge” all the better, that’s where the magic is. Give them feedback to step into and then support them in crafting their plan.

There’s no “right way” to do it...except to be present and authentic and thoughtful about the feedback. Your intention, your energy, your presence in the room will count even more so than the beautifully crafted feedback (if your IEP is off and you’re coming from a place of judgement, blame, or even “non-presence,” you’re sunk). The whole process is a co-design of the two of you working together, and following through.

You have a huge opportunity here to have a deep, meaningful conversation with another human being. And they have the huge opportunity of accessing more of their brilliance and impact in the next “phase,” while being supported and championed by someone who “sees” them.

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