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How to make "busy" and "overwhelm" work for you.


It's so easy to let life and our days happen "to" us. With the best of quiet intentions we say we want to have a good day, create a great meeting, take care of our bodies, be an awesome partner in relationship (or parent, spouse, friend, etc.), show up as a solid leader, and rock our results. And then life happens. 


We get "busy," we start our day answering emails (getting sucked into other peoples' intentions), our schedule slips, we run late, we spend big cycles trying to catch up and recover from each meeting, we have multiple demands, and we forget to be present. Before you know it, we're overwhelmed, the day is gone, it's 8 p.m. and all we can wonder is "What were my original plans?" and "Where did the day go?" and "Hand me the remote."


Or something like that... 

It doesn't have to be that way. Life will continue to pull. Demands will increase. Relationships will get more complex. Business will have ups and downs. You'll miss the workout. Botch the meeting. Fail fabulously at being the parent/leader/human you want to be.

AND... all of these things can happen "for" you, vs. "to" you, create tremendous learning, and set you on your way for even better IF you do five things:

1. Start with intention.
2. Learn to reboot and move forward.
3. Learn to get comfortable with your discomfort.
4. Learn to learn from everything.
5. Learn to serve.

This week, I'll address each of these on this blog.
Tomorrow we'll start with #1, Intention.
Today, take a breath and give yourself a moment (just one!) to pause and reflect. 

Get real and in current time with your relationship to the scenario above. Is it familiar? What is your relationship with "busy" and "overwhelm" right now? What is the impact of that on the people you lead? On yourself? Would you like it to be different? Why? 

Just notice and I'll see you tomorrow. 


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