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How Understanding the Power of “Intention” Can Improve Your Life


So many of my conversations with other humans revolve around all the great opportunities, challenges, and things they have to address, tackle, and take care of. This conversation often escalates to them sharing a feeling of stress and overwhelm and sheer busy-ness. So much so that they may not even know where to start. In fact, the overwhelm can be so big, that sometimes nothing happens.

This is an easy trap to get into. For all of us.

But there is ONE thing you can do (and great news, it's quick and free) that can help alleviate everything else, put things into better perspective, and give you more power in the things you do step into.

For your quick reading, experimenting, and rocking pleasure today... Ready?


That's it. Quick, easy, free, simple, go.

  • Intend the kind of day you want to have. (Before you even get out of bed, because you have influence here.)
  • Intend how you want to feel. (In this moment now, and next, and next, because how you feel will impact how you show up).
  • Intend to eat well. Intend to enjoy your meal. (Because this counts when it comes to food and nurturing your body.)
  • Intend to get nothing done today—and for this to be JUST FINE. (Sometimes this has to be done.)
  • Intend to be fully present in your meeting. (Even if you say not a word.)
  • Intend to be a positive contribution to another human being. (Even if that's just by showing up well with them.)
  • Intend to BE with your kids. (Because they can feel it when you're not, and a little goes a long way.)
  • Intend to rock that meeting. (Because your clients need you to, and just the intention alone can shift the energy and dynamics of the whole thing.)
  • Intend to let it be okay not to know, to be overwhelmed, to not have your stuff figured out. (Be kind here, the more space you give yourself, the faster you'll move through this and you will know, you won't be overwhelmed, and you will get your stuff figured out.)
  • Intend to show up beautifully in the room, before you even walk in. (Your presence has impact, your intention here is big.)
  • Intend to sort it out in the most easy peasy way. (You can get lost in "hard" or you can breathe and let it be easy.)

With anything you do today, anything. Set an intention for who you want to be, how you want it to feel, how you want it to go, how you want to Show Up... anything. And breathe.

It will unfold more powerfully, and more kindly, because you took a moment to check in and intend.

Of course, you'll want to step into action to make some of these real, but the intention—if you mean it—can carry you through.

Happy Monday.

This article was originally published on on August 24, 2015.
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