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How we’re here to help during this time: Resources, books, and virtual keynotes and engagements

This information was shared in our bi-weekly contagious leadership conversation broadcast (which is subscription-based). Given what we’re all going through right now, we wanted to provide this information on a bigger scale. Stay well. Stay present. Wash your hands. Breathe.


My team and I are devoted to helping things go better, showing up well with you, bending and flexing to be as useful as possible, staying well and working our IEP ourselves, and serving you in this time in new ways as needed.

Here's how...


FREE Resources: 

  1. I'll be posting thoughts, resources, and tidbits primarily on Instagram and LinkedIn to support this topic and your leadership. (The shot above is from an Instagram post and also an IGTV where I discussed some of this.) 
  2. I'll be writing about this, having a conversation with you, on a bi-weekly basis here in the #CONTAGIOUSLEADERSHIP conversation. (You can expect these on Wednesdays, every other week starting two weeks from now.) 
  3. You also have access to free tools to support you in your IEP including the IEP Sheet, Virtual Presence Kits, and more with your subscription here.


Don't let the word "CONTAGIOUS" on the cover of a book scare you away ;-). It's essential to pay attention to this right now and to do everything we EACH can -- especially as we're more virtual -- to work on ourselves and our contagiousness and our mindset and energy. Besides, we have ZERO control of the people or the contagiousness around us (or their reactions) -- we DO have control over how we choose to show up, behave, and be energetically and emotionally contagious. This is a SUPERPOWER. Use it for good. 

It's possible that CONTAGIOUS CULTURE: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives (McGraw-Hill, 2015) and CONTAGIOUS YOU: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want (McGraw-Hill, 2019) may be more helpful and important than ever right now. 

Of course there is the IEP Survival Guide and The Leader You Will Be: An Invitation which are both useful as well (and lighter reading), so have at it with all four books.

If you're looking for ONE book only right now, I think CONTAGIOUS YOU is the place to start. (Or CONTAGIOUS CULTURE if you want to dig into culture more first. However... heads up, a contagious CULTURE is simply a bunch of contagious YOUs working together.) 


Products and Tools:

For teaming and cultural health, productivity, well-being, and (useful) contagiousness now:  We have the IEP-Activator Toolkit/Program (IEP-A) that is all online, self-paced, and can be led with your team online. All exercises and modules (23 and counting now) are designed to be done either in person or virtually. There is only ONE that I think is way more powerful live -- however it requires close contact and we're not doing that right now. So even THAT one, I've designed a way to do virtually. Recently I created a "10 Ways to IEP" on demand webinar that goes into how to integrate IEP in your organization -- this partners well with the IEP-Activator Program so I've added it in as a bonus to support us all right now. 

In addition, in light of so many companies moving virtual and working from home, I am currently working on a new module that digs into remote teaming, remote IEP work, how to manage your team IEP as a virtual team, and also how to blend the other IEP-Activator Modules into this. This module will be done next week. In the meantime, you are welcome to purchase the IEP-A Program/Toolkit now to get started


For you as an individual building your IEP practice and keeping your energy clear: #ProjectImpeccable may be right for you. This is 60 days of IEP in your inbox in addition to fieldwork (that can be done virtually) and all sorts of tools and reflection to support your leadership.

There are other programs in our store you are welcome to, these two I believe are the best for team and/or personal support.

You can save 20% on any of our online programs right now, code to enter at checkout: HelpingThingsGoRight


Live Engagements with Me:

While conferences and non-essential work travel are being cancelled for so many, I am doing all work virtually from the East and West Coasts right now. Therefore, any offerings we have of mine -- where I'm in the room with you -- can be done virtually. This means keynotes and talks as well as team discussions about this content, CONTAGIOUS YOU workshops, and private work/discussions as they serve. We have some things up our sleeve that I'm excited about and have been working toward for a while, the Coronavirus is accelerating their introduction into the world. If you want me to do something with your crew or event, inquire here


Speaking/Keynotes available virtually right now:

You can learn more about my speaking here and, for now, here are four talks (focus areas) that may be extra helpful right now. 


  • Creating a Positively Contagious (and Productive) Culture 
  • Cultivating a Culture of Intentional Leadership, Accountability, and Impact 
  • Navigating Change, Partnering with Chaos, and Making Magic Out of Mess
  • Virtual IEP: Leading Yourself and Leading Your Team Remotely


All of these talks are experiential and immediately applicable, run 50-90 minutes, have books to accompany them, and have built-in pathways for follow-up and integration after so the work sticks and continues to live. INQUIRE HERE.

Don't see what you want/need? Hit reply and let me know what would be most helpful and I'll make something to best serve you and your organization right now. 

Here to help. Fully. Truly. With love. 

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Not sure how to support your team right now? Seeing your colleagues and teammates and employees and loved ones grappling with some of this as well? If this was useful to you, please forward this to them. They can opt-in for future resources here as well if they wish. 

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