#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

IEP Leadership & Culture Resources Available NOW



Hi Everyone,

I hope you are staying safe, sound, being kind, and taking care of yourself and those you love and lead. This moment in time is surreal and I'm grateful to be in it with you. I am clear that we will get through this together and I, like you, am sitting with the experience, lessons, and quiet opportunities for becoming in it all.

We wanted to let you know about a few resources we've made available to you to help you navigate, and be more intentional with, all that's going on in the world right now. Most of them are gifted to lean into this moment, some are for fee with parts of proceeds going to support food security. All of them are offered with intention and heart. I hope you will find something here that serves you. (If you need/desire something different, or feel we can be helpful in other ways to you right now, please contact us here.)

And please help us pay this forward by sharing this post with your friends, family, and colleagues as you see fit.

Always with love, 



Free Resources:

  • Contagious Leadership Bi-Weekly broadcast with news, articles, and tools to support you. Just subscribe at the bottom of this page to access it.
  • Social Media clips, videos, posts, and random as they come up and as I feel they might serve. I'm on Twitter (quick tips and shares), Instagram (more personal and also IEP in the trenches type videos, pictures, and posts), Facebook (similar to Instagram), LinkedIn (more professional and business leadership and culture related posts), and YouTube (videos of all kinds for nourishing leadership, IEP, culture, and spirit). Please follow me on any and all of these channels. 
  • Contagious You book club is a six-week club of which we are four weeks in as of today (updated 4/20). If you want to get in on this, send a copy of your receipt for the book to book@anesecavanaugh.com and we'll get you all info, videos, etc. needed to get you started. We meet Mondays at 1pm Eastern. You must be registered to participate. (UPDATE: This club completed 5/4/20, stay tuned for future programs.)
  • The IEP Sheet holds the entire methodology and quick check areas to help you keep IEP top of mind and prepare for those difficult meetings, conversations, and projects you really want to make sure you set the tone with and create your best outcomes possible. Get yours here.
  • Articles, Podcasts, and Webinars galore are on our site right here. There is a ton of information to put into play. Listen in, read up, do the work as you please!

For Fee: 

  • #ProjectImpeccable special edition for sheltering-in-home is now open again. (We've run this several times live and turned it into an online program last year so people could do it on their own schedule.) This is a self-paced online program designed to help you build your leadership congruency, clarity, and relationship with yourself. This program is being offered at $111 (normally more) and we're donating a solid part of proceeds to NoKidHungry.org. Learn more and sign up here
  • IEP-Activator Program & Toolkit. This online program is our version of virtual train-the-trainer for using some of the core IEP tools and exercises in your organization, with your team, and/or with your clients (if you're a coach or independent practitioner). This online program currently has 20 tools, plus 4 bonus modules (I continue to add content as I build this work). The fee for this program is $2500/Activator, however we're offering a 20% discount (on this and ANY of our online programs -- minus #ProjectImpeccable) when you use the code HelpingThingsGoRight at check out. We are also donating a part of proceeds from this program to ThatsCaring.com 
  • Me in a Virtual Room with YOU. If you would like me to work with you privately, or with you and your team and organization, please ask. We're doing things a bit differently right now to help businesses and people get through this time. (Everything is virtual and has scalable frameworks to support it.) If you would like support with your team and setting yourselves up to have more solid and productive IEP in meetings, creating new agreements or frameworks to support virtual leadership and teaming in the new way of working and being we're all stepping into, working things through from a cultural and leadership standpoint, having a heartfelt and productive discussion about what this pandemic means for you, your team, your products and services and the leader/organization you will become, OR you just need a safe confidential space to work some stuff out and take care of yourself as leader so you can show up well for your team and customers, holler. If I can be of service, I absolutely will. (Private work will also have a portion of proceeds donated to support the challenges, heartache, and damage of COVID-19.)

Reach out, stay well,

Here to serve,