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IEP Live! Coming to Sacramento this October

We interrupt our normal programming to bring you this special announcement:

This Fall's IEP Live! Leadership & Influence Immersion is ramping up! With Contagious You coming out less than a month later, this is going to be a special one-of-a-kind session.

New content, new practices, a special module on navigating "busy and burnout before it navigates you" (no kidding), a module on "IEP Rituals" and "morning leadership practices," a preview of the next book and our new IEP Activator Program, not to mention the normal stuff I put into these events, will all be happening on October 23rd and 24th in Sacramento, CA.

We are 1/3 full and holding to our registration capacity, so if this calls to you (even intuitively), register now. (See our newest share from a past participant below -- blurb has been edited for brevity and to honor confidentiality.)

If you are responsible for: 

  • living your life and creating the experience of it you desire,
  • leading, inspiring, and influencing others, 
  • having a positive impact on people and your organization,
  • working with customers (ie. patients, clients, your team, etc.),
  • creating a helpful and positive experience and culture,
  • creating results and showing up well,
  • being present (so you can do all the above)...

And you:

  • care about your life and the people you impact,
  • have a lot on your plate, and maybe feel a bit daunted by it all,
  • want to level up your leadership presence and prowess so you can be more effective and inspiring (at work and at home),
  • desire to grow the leaders around you and create a culture of leadership, ownership, and collaboration,
  • are devoted to creating positive impact (or want to be -- if you could just hear yourself think for a minute!)...

Join me

Registration is open now. 

I would love to be with you in the space of IEP and impact. 

Let's go... 

Always love,


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