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Leading Your “Work/Life” Balance This Summer, Part 2


Last week I talked about 5 ways to "be" to enhance your work/life balance: flexible, present and aligned with your body and its wants and needs, an energy stand for self-care, present with your people, and efficient. If you practiced and embodied the energy of these this week—or even added them into your intentions—you're a step ahead of the game. This week, let's take on the "do" of optimizing your "balance" this Summer.

5 Things to Do:

  1. Do flexible. Work with your team and family on scheduling. Tweak the schedule to fit your life and summer needs AND coordinate with all so that everyone knows what to count on and when. When your employee wants that afternoon off to run their kids to the pool, hand them their sunscreen. They'll perform better for you on the back-end after an afternoon off, and even more so after experiencing care and flexibility from their employer.
  2. Do alignment with your body's needs. Trusting your body's needs and desires this summer will be essential to helping you move through with energy and grace. Eat what you want to eat when you want to eat it. Sleep when you want to sleep. Rest when you want to rest. And hit it hard when you feel like hitting it hard. If you're present and in tune to your body, it will tell you what it needs. It's when we're not present and aligned that we generally overeat, don't sleep, and push through when we really shouldn't push through. Sync up with yourself to increase joy and efficiency.
  3. Do self-care well. As an energetic stand for self-care (that "knowing" and "energetic" commitment that comes with being a stand for yourself), you can do this one even easier. Again, tune in. Say "Yes" to the hangouts and BBQs that are life giving and energizing, say "No" to the ones that are shoulds and obligations. Leave work on time for workouts, or hit up your workouts at work. Say "Yes" when you mean yes, and "No" when you mean no.
  4. Do presence with your people. Just that momentary check-in and reboot: am I present? And how do I want to show up? Will make a difference here. Stop what you're doing, ditch the multitasking, listen for the question under the question, repeat and recap what you hear back to them. And when you can't be present, because that multitasking or whatever's going on simply won't allow for it, name it. Not a big deal. Let them know you're not present, but want to be. And redesign for another encounter.
  5. Do efficient. The intention, energy, and presence of efficiency is plenty to get this one started. Cut your meeting times by 10 minutes. Ask everyone to do the 5-Steps to Intentional Impact before they show up for your next meeting (you can access this tool here). Do burpees instead of 8 mile runs. Make good food and pre-cut fruits and vegetables at the beginning of the week. Clean up your desk before you leave. Hit up the top 3 things you have to do the next day -- on a post it. Stop worrying. Stop fretting. And stop complaining. Yep, increase efficiency.

Ready? What else would you add? These are just a taste of ways to enhance your gorgeous summer while still being a leader who inspires, a parent your kids will remember a good summer with, and a human who has a life. Happy Summer!

Originally posted on June 22, 2015 

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