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Let yourself have it: Honoring all the parts, minimizing NONE

I've started this post four separate times this week. Each time I've started, I've gotten distracted. A stressed text from a loved one. Increasing smoke and decreasing air quality from the fires throughout California. Notice of a medical emergency. A news alert on my phone, (almost always followed by getting sucked into social media)...


Whatever the case (and this seems to happen more and more frequently), my previously energized and focused brain, after any of these (or a combination of the above) -- shuts down. And all that "ready to engage, ready to write, ready to whatever, zoom zoom!!" energy goes... kaput. 

Can you relate? 


It's not just the big stuff. It's the little stuff too which I wanted to give a nod to today before you head into your weekend... 


Yesterday I had a good friend, who'd just had a painful disappointment, say to me, "but really, I shouldn't complain, my life is good, my kids are healthy, I'm okay, AND... people are losing their homes, the world is falling apart right now, my disappointment is nothing." And then he apologized for "complaining."


But it wasn't nothing. It was a heartbreaking disappointment and concern that deserved attention, care, and a witness.


I notice we do this a lot. We diminish our pain because it's not as big as someone else's. We trivialize something in our work or an accomplishment or that disappointment because we don't want to impose on someone, seem too big or happy, or whatever it might be... 


And actually, all of it is important. It all counts. It all has meaning. If it's pulling on the heart or taking bandwidth, it counts.  And it's important that we allow for it. 


Because when we do, when we allow ourselves to have our authentic emotional experience, to process it, be supported, witnessed, heard, and cared for or about -- we can "have it," learn from it, move it through, and move forward more whole, present, and true. And then we can give and do even more for others through our life and leadership -- without depletion or resentment. (Because not authentically tending to one's own emotions and needs and hurts -- no matter big or small -- while tending to and "showing up" well for others, will eventually lead to depletion and resentment.) 


So for today's post, I want to offer you this: Wherever you're at, whatever you're experiencing, however you're navigating today/this moment/this week, no matter how big, how small, how trivial, or how daunting and impossible it may seem -- an invitation to allow it. Let it be okay. Let yourself be witnessed, heard, held, and supported in all of it. And then get back up, get back in, get back on, go forward and lead. And maybe even be that safe kind space for someone else. 


To you, your authentic experience, and to all of us learning, growing, grieving, and gritting in our own authentic ways so we can do even more good together.


Stay safe. Stay well. Serve. //AXC



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