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Making IEP REAL in your life -- RIGHT NOW: Bonus Videos


Hi Everyone!


A special post for my friends at #IAEdChat last night — AND some bonus video tips for EVERYONE and ANYONE who cares about leadership; creating a positive impact AND feeling good doing it. I’ve got three videos for you here (before I realized TWITTER needs them to be less than 2:20 to post  will do moving forward 😊). In service of sharing content pure, here you go!


Video 1 (3 min, 11 sec): Follow up from last night, the #IEPMETHOD Presence Reboot — What is it? How do you do it? When do you do it? I give you the 5 steps, the quick reboot, and also the location to download bonus materials to support your IEP Journey!



Video 2 (2 min, 53 sec): Breaking down “INTENTIONAL ENERGETIC PRESENCE” and your I.E.P.: Intentions / Energy / Presence for optimal impact.



Video 3 (3 min 41 sec): Real live application -- this JUST happened in my life today. How I used the IEP Method to bring me back to presence and show up at my best for a live podcast interview.



Enjoy these! Use them! And check out the #IAEdChat on Twitter. If you’re not following me there, please do @anesecavanaugh The chat around last night's topic can be found at #IAEdChat starting around 8:00pm PDT on 6/2/19.

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