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Navigating Ambiguity, Toxic & Healthy Culture Makings, and Updates (video)


My team and I get asked questions all the time about the quickest three things to do for this or that or all of the above. Building a healthy culture and an authentic Positive Energy Workplace™ takes awareness, honesty, intention, energy, presence, and action. It doesn't have to take a ton of time, however, you want to watch out for "doing" those quick three things just to the "check cultural health" box off your list.


If you are truly tending to your IEP (Intentions/ Energy/ Presence) and taking action from a place of awareness and service... you won't need a quick checklist, your culture will take care of itself. That said, if you do want some quick things to start paying extra attention to, I've shared some in the below video (timestamp below post).



In this video I talk about the top 5 toxic culture creators right now; best practices for retention, attraction, and cultural health; and some updates we've made to our own organization and team to support getting more IEP into organizations. I also address one of our top 5 most frequently asked questions right now on how to navigate ambiguity (both from a leading and receiving side) without using toxic positivity to get through it. 


We're experimenting with sharing content this way. If you find it useful, please let us know. If you'd prefer to read the video transcript, you can do that here. In the meantime, enjoy... 


To your vitality and impact,



Video Timestamp

0:00 - Welcome + Introduction
1:33 - Five Things Contributing to Toxic Culture
4:10 - Best Practices for Culture, Retention, and Traction
11:31 - IEP Work in You, Your People, and Your Organization
13:13 - Active Choices Updates
14:51 - Ambiguity
16:45 - Four Ps of Burnout
17:25 - Influencing + Reducing Ambiguity: As an Individual
20:42 - Influencing + Reducing Ambiguity: As a Leader
26:10 - Wrap Up

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