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Navigating the new "busy" now...

For some, right now is a moment to pause, take a breath, and intentionally consider what they want to put back into their life to be "busy" with. For others, right now is a moment of sheer overwhelm and it feels impossible to even get a moment of peace to themselves, let alone think about how busy they are. For some, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, and helplessness are at an all-time high. For some, gratitude and hope for the gifts of learning, unrest, change, and possibility are at an inspiring level. For some, it's a combination of all of the above -- a little bit or a lot of each. Or something entirely different. This moment is highly personal to each of us; what we're going through, how we're navigating it, what we're learning (and unlearning), what we're challenged by, and how we're loving and leading through it. 


How's your "busy" game right now? How are YOU? Are you breathing -- really breathing? Are you leading? How are you navigating this time? 


One thing is certain, we are all navigating this moment in time with our own lives, perspectives, situations, families, work circumstances, challenges, and uncertainty. Another thing is certain, we are all also likely navigating our own versions of "busy," "how do I do this?", and "what's next?" And there are few "solid" answers. We're learning this together. 


The energy of "busy" (more "productively and usefully busy") has been on my mind this week. How we use it. How we relate to it. How we change our culture moving forward with it. How we do "busy" better moving forward. And how we use ourselves more purposefully and intentionally.


Today, during the Contagious Culture book club session, we talked about chapters 11-13 which are all about "busy," overwhelm, cultural and team agreements, and navigating the unknown. Our conversation, and what participants shared, made me really think in deeper ways about what "busy" means now. In the video below, I offer some thoughts. 



Here's what I know: busy, overwhelm, ambiguity, conflict, challenges, crazy-making politics/guidelines/reports/changes/etc. are not going to go away. And we have ZERO control over anything or anyone outside ourselves. BUT, we do have control over ourselves; how we show up, how we claim our space (if even for a moment in between intensity), how we react, and how we show up for others. And we are contagious. Sometimes the best of this "control" and using our "contagiousness" intentionally (and usefully) is offered "in the cracks," in the littlest moments, and in navigating our relationship with our "busy."


Today's conversation with the book club was helpful to me in thinking about where a new kind of "busy" has snuck in that I've taken for granted -- and also where I've put practices in place to support myself (and my family and team) so that it doesn't overwhelm like it has in the past.


The goal here: do your best, stay present, stay connected to your intention, take care of yourself, breathe, be extra nice to yourself, and do your best to be of service and kind to those around you. (Bonus, all of this sets you up better to lead and create this space for others as well.) 


Stay safe. Be well. Lead with intention. 

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