The Positive Energy Workplace

Discover how the IEP Method® and the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® can enhance your leadership and support your workforce.

The Active Choices, Inc. team is happy to provide a comprehensive overview of our latest IEP Method® offerings designed to enhance your leadership training, development, and company culture initiatives. 

Check out the recording below to learn more about the most recent data influencing workplace culture, innovation, leadership, and performance, as well as the inspiring results and updates from The Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® (PEW-i) powered by ACI.

Hear the various IEP Method® training pathways available for your company, along with the options for collaborating directly with Anese and our faculty.

Finally, you'll get a sneak peek of our community platform where partners can access training materials, resources, and support to kickstart their journey towards becoming a Certified Positive Energy Workplace.

"You have an energetic presence, and you have a culture.
The question is, how intentional are you about it?"

— Anese Cavanaugh

Watch the full recording here:


Key Highlights & Quotable Moments:

(7:00) Experience the IEP Energy Check and Reboot, and learn how building the awareness of your physical, mental, and vibrational energy can impact your success and outcomes each and every day.


(15:00) Learn about the IEP Method®, ACI's proprietary process for supporting leaders and companies to create positive change in their company cultures and leadership presence.

Watch the 6-minute overview excerpt here:


"What we are looking for is every single leader [in your company] to be able to have the ability to reboot, notice where they're coming from, and then be intentional about the way that they're showing up." — Anese Cavanaugh, CEO and Founder of Active Choices, Inc.


"The great thing about the IEP Methodology is that it is incredibly accessible, no matter what your level is in a company. It really comes back to being accountable for the energy that we are bringing into the space, into our company, into our team, into our culture, and how we all create culture together. That's one of our main focus areas with the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative®. It's about slowing down and being present with what energy you are putting out in the world." — Jenny Wiley, Active Choices, Inc. Director of Programming


"IEP stands for your Intentional Energetic Presence®. This is being intentional about the energetic presence you bring to everything that you do — whether it's leading a board meeting, talking to your kids, doing your dishes, doing your taxes. There is an energetic presence that you are bringing to every single thing that you do. So it's it's that simple. We look at this as not only the energetic presence I'm bringing to everybody else, but also the presence I bring to  myself. So it's about showing up for me first, so that I can show up for other people."  
— Anese Cavanaugh, CEO and Founder of Active Choices, Inc.


(18:00) The blind spot that many leaders miss when embarking on new skills training and development.


"In many cases, people want to start by focusing on their outward actions and skills to create impact. And they neglect the 'Essential You', which is their vision and their values and their integrity, and being able to hold their space and their intentions. What ends up happening is you end up with surface-level actions and skills, but the person's energy and presence is detracting from their impact." — Anese Cavanaugh, CEO and Founder of Active Choices, Inc.


(20:00) How the IEP Method® unlocks a greater ROI for other skills, culture, and leadership training initiatives.


(22:00) The state of workplace culture, and relevant data illustrating the actual cost of ineffective communication, lack of leadership impact, and the drain of 'drama' at work.

Watch the 6-minute data excerpt here:


"[In the United States] We continue to spend more and more money on engagement initiatives, culture initiatives, training, coaching, etc. But engagement is not going up. And, in fact, in some years it's actually dropping. . . So if you look at this from a leadership perspective and how we're showing up with each other, we have what I believe is an ethical responsibility to ensure that we're doing everything we can to make sure our intentions, energy, and presence are in alignment so we can be of most service to anybody." — Anese Cavanaugh

(28:00) How the IEP Method® and ACI's proven frameworks through the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® supports creating authentically positive and productive workplace culture, plus measurable results from implementing IEP programs.


(33:00) Overview of the available curriculum pathways incorporating foundational IEP Methodology and customized training modules.


(35:00) Demo tour of the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® Community Platform.

Watch the 4-minute demo excerpt here:


(46:00) ACI's training and culture-optimization solutions designed to meet your organization’s needs and budget, and strategically developed for creating immediate and lasting change:


Work directly with the CEO of Active Choices, Inc., Anese Cavanaugh (founder of the IEP Method®), and tap into strategic leadership, expertise, and inspired advisory support. In-person or virtual options available.



For organizations ready to activate IEP Method training for teams and departments in your organization. Includes access to PEW-i Memberships, certification pathways, and in-person or virtual options 



Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® (PEW-i) Memberships provides network access for ongoing IEP Method® content and trainings, program sustainability, thought leadership, training and support with ACI Faculty, and community connections.  Receive Private Branded Platform Circle with 50+ Company Members  



All-Inclusive Training Tracks include access to PEW-i Memberships, certification pathways, and in-person or virtual options 


(56:00) The most frequently asked questions and comments from prospective partners — plus our answers!


Ready to Up-Level Your Leadership?

At Active Choices, Inc. we offer a variety of pathways to support you and your company, from training pathways, experiential keynotes, and memberships in the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® community platform. Learn more at


If you’d like to stay connected and continue the journey together, here are some great ways to get started:


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