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Reasons we get stuck (and what to do about them)

I'm considering starting up a podcast or some kind of weekly "live" on Instagram or LinkedIn (possibly both for the different platforms, email or DM me if you have a preference). We're currently exploring what feels congruent and most useful for people and, in the meantime, I'm playing with the content and pathways that work best for the two groups. My intention, of course, is to make it as simple, useful, and easy as possible for all.  So we've been experimenting...


One thing for sure -- regardless of the platform you're on -- is the challenge, dance, and journey of self-leadership, self-care, self-partnership, culture creation, relationship navigation, and the things that make us all human together.


One of those human things? The feeling of being "stuck."

This week I posted a video on my Instagram story about the "wisdom of stuck," why we make stuck wrong, what we can learn from it, and why we get stuck in the first place. It was a simple video that netted some great questions and comments. (You can join in on these conversations by following me on Instagram and also LinkedIn.) 


In my experience, being stuck usually comes from one or a combination of the following: 

  1. Low connected or unclear on intention or purpose
  2. Exhaustion
  3. Need more information
  4. Values misalignment
  5. Stuck in self-service (vs. other service)
  6. Limiting beliefs
  7. Not enough support
  8. Not being present to what is
  9. Comparison
  10. Fear

This, of course is NOT at all a complete list, and it's got some classics on it. Can you relate? For example, personally, in regards to whether or not to proceed with the commitment to a podcast (which I've been asked about for 2 years now), I am sitting with clarifying #1, working #3, exploring a bit of #6, doing some #9 (which is ultimately creating some #10), and re-working #7 if the rest of these check out. :-) Knowing these are my "speed bumps" gives me space to lean in and see if and how I want to move through this. And if so, what I'll need.


I posed the question to viewers yesterday "Where do you get stuck?" and they came back with some great noticings, stories, and queries about "stuck". 


The four themes that came up were:

  1. Being/Feeling "busy" not challenged
  2. Holding self to, “I’ll be successful when...”
  3. A need for a self-care redesign and greater self-partnership
  4. Blaming, shaming, judging, and projecting 😊


Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 2.44.59 PMI addressed these four areas in a video right here. (It's 8:25 of digging into these four themes.)


Have a beautiful day. Join me over there or on LinkedIn for more, and please, if you have requests for content or what would be extra helpful to you now, email my team and me right here.


PS. Often when we're stuck, a big or little RESET will do. I created a program this year to help people reboot, reset, reclaim, and get out of stuck NOW. Join me here. And if you want more personalized attention and private 1:1 work with me in your RESET, we now have a hybrid program of personal coaching AND online programming, right here


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