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Self-care IS a leadership skill — but what about when the people around me don't agree?


Fresh off a keynote* last week where I talked about the IEP Method®, self-care as a leadership skill, and how our impact is dependent on our ability to lead our Intentions, Energy, and Presence, I received multiple questions from members of the audience. I love it when this happens. And I love it, even more, when I can answer the questions and share them here for more of our community to benefit from. 

In this 5-minute video, I address these core topics/questions:

  • Why IS self-care a leadership skill? How does it impact my impact? 
  • What are some simple ways to address self-care when you have competing time zones and schedules?
  • What if my clients/team/spouse/people don't think that self-care should be prioritized and therefore make demands on me that don't feel right? 


* The keynote was Showing Up for Leadership: Your Presence IS Your Impact. If you are interested in having this talk (or another one) for your group or your next conference, contact uss! 



0:00 - Welcome

0:30 - Self-Care is a leadership skill (Why)

1:45 - Taking my self-care to the next level (How and how to navigate with others)

2:05 - Designing your life around self-care (Navigating with clients and competing demands)

3:56 - Wrap up

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