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The Energy of a Reset

People often wait for a big thing to happen to start to reset their life, their goals, their health, their relationships, their whatever... "I'll start fresh after the weekend." "I'll start eating well after vacation." "I'll put more energy into showing up better after I finish this project." "I'll reset this relationship and give honest feedback laterrrr..." "I'll start writing again next month..."


The things we can reset on are limitless. The obstacles we can put in our way of when we actually do this, limitless too. Which can often mean we're stuck, circling Dallas, and/or bringing that energy to those around us (which just creates more stuck and uck).


Here are some places you might consider a reset:

  • How are you using this "chapter" of the pandemic? How are you using it to learn, keep what's become most important to you, release what hasn't, and to reset your becoming as you move into this next stage of the "new normal"? 
  • How do you use each morning to start afresh, regardless of what's happened the previous day? (If you have Contagious You, check out chapter 6, "Building Your Immunity," where I give you a morning reset formula including the 9-minute body scan.) 
  • How do you use each moment, in every day, to reset and move into your next meeting, interaction, thinking, way of being, or conversation with your kid?
  • How do you reset IN THE MOMENT when you are not having the impact you want to have with someone you love or lead (or both)?


Resets do not have to be delayed or made into something so big that we make a big to-do about them -- they can happen now. And now. And now. A reset creates an energy that clarifies intention, releases ambiguity and the muck that we can so easily get bogged down in, and frees those around us to join on a new energetic field as well.


A reset is a CHOICE.


An invitation today that whatever you're grappling with right now (even if it's your 10am meeting you're going into today or the energy of the relationship between you and your partner), to take a breath, set an intention, reboot your presence, and step in. 

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