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The value of doing your "inner work" to RESET right now

We had the final Contagious Culture Book Club meeting today. I love these sessions as the people who show up -- show up, the questions they ask make me think in new ways, the situations shared are real, and the dialogue is rich. Of course, as with so many of my client calls, a GOLD nugget question or "aha" gets brought up RIGHT at the END of the session. Today was one of those days. 


The questions that came up in the end were about how to integrate this work into organizations and culture building NOW -- in the midst of the pandemic and all that is happening in our country -- as well as how to convince others of the value of doing their own internal work in order to create a more positively and usefully contagious culture. After all, a contagious culture is simply a bunch of contagious YOUs working together.  The questions posed needed more time, so what's the saying? "The real show happened after the show" as four of us stayed on to dig deep.


The video below was inspired by this conversation today. It speaks to the value of doing our inner work NOW, things to be considering as we move forward on our paths to whatever our "NEXT" looks like, individually and organizationally, the essentialness of self-care in leadership and being able to hold safe space (and what that will require), how self-care and "doing the deep work" are connected to getting clear on intention and how that impacts your leadership, and the value of doing a full RESET to honor what's happened, where we're at, what we need, what we want, and how we want to serve, in order to move forward powerfully, presently, and whole.


The video is 8:32. I didn't intend this call to be a commercial for the new RESET Program, however, some of the people on this call had done the program this last month and spoke to the power of it in terms of addressing "all of the above" for themselves. (And now they wanted to share it with their people -- so HOW?)



The RESET Program is $99, however, I'm super grateful and touched by the feedback so far on this program that I want EVERYONE to have it, so we're bringing the price point back to prototype pricing (l2) and offering it at $59 for the next two weeks. You can enroll right here. Double win, a portion of proceeds from our online programs this month go towards feeding people through the That's Caring Organization


Whether you choose to do this program or not, please give yourself the space and grace and gift of breathing, some extra self-care, honoring your authentic emotions, getting the help you need, and being extra nice to yourself as you navigate this "moment" in time. I promise you, those you love and lead, and our culture as a whole, will be better for you being better and coming to the table clearer, more conscious, more you, and better able to help things go well. 


See you on the video.


Love as always, 




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