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Top 10 Ways to Tackle Being Ticked Off (with Video)

Anese_stop_feeling_annoyedIs someone in your life really ticking you off?

Is someone in your life really ticking you off?

If you’re working your IEP, taking good care of yourself, and paying attention to your emotional energy—you’re probably in pretty good shape. BUT...if someone is grating on your nerves and you’re getting a charge out of it, there’s a good chance that there’s something they’re reflecting back in YOURSELF that bothers you about YOU. Or, maybe you’re not saying something you need to say to them.

Instead of blaming that person for being annoying...look inside yourself to see if there's something you're doing or feeling that’s impacting your experience with them.

How to Stop Feeling Annoyed [Video]

10 Places to Look When Someone is Grating on Your Nerves

1. How are YOU like that person?

2. What is the gift this person is bringing you?

3. How am I gathering evidence for their awfulness?

4. What do I need to say to them that I haven't said?

5. What can I love about them?

6. What's it like for THEM to have ME in their life?

7. Why do I care so much about this thing that’s annoying me?

8. What's the littlest thing I can do to shift our dynamic?

9. What do I need to claim or name in this relationship?

10. How can I LOVE ON them? What support do they NEED?

If you look at any of these 10 places—even if you’re working the IEP model and you’re doing all the things you need to do—you’re going to find some more gold nuggets. Remember that no matter how great you are with what you say and what you do and how you show up...if your intention, energy, and presence aren’t right, you’re not going to get through that annoyance.

How do YOU want to #ShowUp?

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