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Make it Count: Reflecting & Intending Into 2015.

Whoah! Jumping into next year already? Hold on...

Before you head into 2015 with all sorts of intentions, resolutions, goals, and magic planned... Take a moment (or 10) to celebrate this past year, learn from it, and "take it with you". I promise this will inform and fuel your New Year, your impact, and YOU.

Five places to look when reflecting on 2014 and intending for 2015. Let these percolate, unfold, and grab you this holiday.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year. Go get 'em. //axc

What are you celebrating this year?
What kind of impact did you have?
What did you have to let go of?
What did you learn that you want to make sure you bring with you?
Who did you become?

What is this year about for you?
What do you want to be celebrating next year at this time?
What kind of impact do you want to have?
Who do you want to become?
What support will you need? What relationships will you need to grow/contribute to to make this real?

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