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"Be" about it. Secrets for making your year, and your impact, right.

Be about itDiving into 2014 you likely have some intentions, or goals, or resolutions, or (if you’re really going for it) "resoulutions" set for the New Year. If you’re doing this process holistically, you’ve likely set them for yourself, your family, your team, your health, and your organization. And if you’re doing this like a fully embodied rock star, you’ve likely set a big core set of “being” intentions, followed up with sub-categories of “doing” intentions and goals for what you’re going to create this year.

Wait. What? Say that again?


One core set of BEING intentions. Who you be, how you show up, how you want to feel, how you impact others… you know… your intentional energetic presence (IEP Method). And another set of DOING intentions. What you’re actually going to get done this year. What behaviors and habits you’ll adopt. The things you will achieve, get done, set metrics to, celebrate at the end of the year. You know… your actions.

I’ve found, personally, and with clients galore, this to be the most integrated approach. It also tends to provide the biggest bang for one’s buck. It’s quicker. And, it’s also the simplest.


[tweet_quote hashtags="@iepmethod" ]Because if you get the “being” right, and show up intentionally, everything else becomes that much easier [/tweet_quote]– both from an internal impact stand point (how you feel doing it), and an external impact standpoint (how others feel and receive you when doing it).

Try it on…

If my being intention is to be present, aware, positive, graceful, deliberate, compassionate, focused, solid, and/or clear (pick yours)… then any activity I do on top of that will have the energy and support of that presence infused in it.

The more present and intentional I am in the moment, and the more in touch I am with how I want to show up and impact others, the greater my range to create intended impact for the thing I’m doing. My shot at creating the impact and result I want to have the first time is that much better.

On the other hand…

If I work on my goals and set my resolutions, and hop into action, but my presence is unintentional or unfocused, or negative or judgmental, or simply put... not there… No matter how great those goals are, my impact on those around me is not going to be as powerful as it could be. It may even (and this is likely) be unintentionally negative. And internally? It’s going to be more difficult. Without grounded presence and intention for how I want to feel and show up, my anchor is loose. With a loose anchor and a lack of presence and intention… Life is likely going to happen to me.

When this happens, I might say I’ve self-sabotaged in some way. Or shot too big. Or that New Years Goals never work. Whatever my story, if I don’t hold intentional energetic presence -- from the crafting of my goals and intentions, all the way through to making them happen -- it’s going to be tough to hit those goals.

So try it out...

Make a list of how you want to “show up” this year. I’d give myself 3-5 words for this. They might be present, powerful, grateful, compassionate, crisp, discerning, generous, energized, patient, thoughtful, open, etc… Choose yours, intuition is key here. Listen.

Make a list of how you want to feel this year. Again 3-5 words on this. They might be inspired, clear, happy, respected, focused, creative, powerful, energized, etc. (Resource alert! Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map is a beautiful tool for doing this and setting goals with soul.) It’s very possible that how you want to feel, how you want to show up, and how you want to impact others will be super related, if not the same.

Make a list of how you want to impact others. How do you want them to feel in your presence? What’s the emotional impact you want to have? Safe, inspired, trusted, excited, secure, valued, connected, included, big? Your ability to hold a big container for, and to intend impact on others, is one of the most important super powers you’ll ever have. Use it for good, not evil.

NOW you can make your list of “DO”… the list of what you want to create this year. You can break it into categories like business, family, health, spirit, etc… or you can put it all in a pot. Whatever feels GREAT to you. You’ll likely find that this list will be tighter and cleaner and more impactful than it would have been if you’d done it without the groundwork of the first three “being” areas. Why? Because when you’re present to how you want to show up, feel, and impact others… all that noisy clutter, extra “to do’s”, empty lists, and culturally imposed/ego boosting resolutions, may just fall away.

Ready? Go.

Happy New Year. //axc

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