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Want Better Relationships? Mend Your Relational Energy (with Video)


Let’s talk relationships.

In the IEP model, you’ve got four different quadrants that make up your energetic presence:

  • Physical/Environmental
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Vibrational
  • Relational


They all interact with each other and have an impact on each other. Work on just impact the others too.

Relational Energy is one of the most important pieces in the IEP model.

You know those relationships where it feels amazing to be together? Things are humming and you’re a better person just for being in that relationship. Then there’s other relationships. You see their number on Caller ID, or you hear they’re going to be on your project team, and...your heart just sinks.

That’s Relational Energy.

Relational Energy? What’s That?!

Relational Energy is the dynamic and feeling you have when you look at your relationships with other people. You want to look at that energy and name it. Notice it. Don’t judge it!

Good news — if you're unhappy with the energy of your relationships, you can change it!

How to Mend Your Relational Energy

  1. Notice how YOU’RE contributing to the energy. It might be something simple, and you don't even realize you're doing it. This is Secret Sauce stuff.

  2. Go to the person and name it...with an open heart to work on it. The minute you name it the energy of that relationship will start to shift.

  3. Notice how clear you are on your decisions. Have you truly DECIDED and COMMITTED to have a good relationship with someone? You say it...but did you step over the line into a full-body decision?

  4. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Notice which relationships need tweaking, celebrating or shifting. You become the people you spend time with.

Next Steps

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