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What are you designing for?

You have a board meeting coming up that will require answers to hard questions, thoughtful delivery, an ask for support, and, if all goes well, will result in a stronger relationship with your board and a solid next step plan at the end of the meeting.

You have a training program you're about to launch that is costing your organization big resources in time, energy, money, and people. This training is the thing that will help your workforce get on the same page around culture, leadership, and the skills (and ways of being) required to do them well.

You have decided to get healthier, eat better, feel leaner, workout, and even meditate. These choices will help you feel fuller, perform more optimally, and be more available for those you love and lead.

You have any kind of meeting, are making any kind of choice, are leaning into making any kind of investment (this could be personal, professional, or something in between)...

  • What are you designing for?
  • And how will you set yourself up to make it so?

Curious? This inquiry is good for now. Wherever you're at, whatever you're up to. Please consider. I'll be back next week with guardrails and offerings of places to look in each of these scenarios. (Hint: Despite three very different vignettes, they're all related. Get your intention clear and your design down, and we're on our way.)

See you next week. // axc


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