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Why The IEP Method® is the Leadership Framework Needed to Make an Impact

We've recently returned after several weeks on the road bringing our Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ and IEP Method offerings to a variety of rooms — from group trainings for a Fortune 50 client, to mastermind sessions with former ACI clients, and finishing up with a keynote session for procurement leaders.


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Here are some common things we heard:


“Why should I care about how I show up? (I'm so busy!)"

“How do I handle the person who always shows up so negatively?"

“What do I do if my leaders don't really care about culture (but say they do), or think this 'stuff' doesn't apply to them?”

“How can I help leaders understand how this work ties into the bottom line?"


Despite the fact that these groups were from different industries and levels of management, we heard a common theme:

Performance culture, workforce development, and employee engagement are hot — and it’s on everyone’s minds. 

This theme deeply fuels ACI's mission to help more companies integrate the IEP Method and take advantage of the tools, strategies, and training we can provide to manage these types of interactions in a constructive way.


The IEP Method is simple, yet incredibly impactful. It's all about being intentional about your energy and presence. It's about showing up in the world in a way that honors your thoughts, emotions, and intentions. At its core, IEP is about building a strong energetic field and foundation so that you can navigate the stress and ambiguity of modern life.

There are three main components of the IEP Methodology:

  1. Rebooting your presence
  2. Building a strong energetic field and foundation
  3. Creating intentional impact

With such a straightforward framework, it's understandable that many people may wonder why it's important to focus on how they show up in the workplace, especially when they're already so busy. However, research has shown that positive workplace cultures have a direct impact on employee well-being and organizational performance. So, taking the time to use the IEP Method framework and invest in developing a positive culture can pay off in the long run.


Perhaps this long-run mindset is why we also keep hearing that companies are “not quite ready” to take action with ACI and begin the journey to become a more authentically positive energy workplace.


Real talk? This type of limiting belief can be holding you back from making an important strategic decision that greatly impacts your organizational culture. You cannot afford NOT to take action both as a leader and for your organization.


If leaders in your organization don't see the value in focusing on culture, it may be helpful to connect the dots for them between a positive culture and the bottom line. Showing how a positive workplace culture can lead to increased productivity, improved retention, and better customer satisfaction can help get leaders on board.


Investing in a positive workplace culture can have significant benefits for both employees and organizations. If you're interested in bringing the IEP Method to your organization, there are several ways to get started.


You can reach out to our team to discuss options for IEP Training Tracks and Cohorts, Train-the-Trainer engagements, and licensing. These engagement methods have been proven to be effective in facilitating the integration of the IEP Method into organizations of all sizes.


Additionally, the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative (PEW-i) Membership Platform is now open for enrollment for our new and existing client partners. This platform provides access to extra tools, resources, learning labs, live training opportunities, coaching and strategic advisory, professional credentialing, and more.


PEW-i Membership includes access to the IEP Fundamentals virtual training and IEP-Activator L1 training, which are personally led by Anese Cavanaugh (founder of the IEP Method). It's a great opportunity for those new to the IEP Method to get started or for those looking to reactivate IEP in their organization.


Check out more details here or contact us to explore how we can help make your company a better place to thrive and your workforce a happier, more effective group of leaders.  


How to learn more:

  • Join us for our next invite-only Executive Forum, designed for executives and senior leaders who are responsible for culture, leadership, innovation, and performance. Request an invitation here.

  • If your team or organization is experiencing challenges with lost time, retention, collaboration, leadership, burnout, or engagement, it’s very possible that the “problem” is not the problem you may think. Your eco-system and organizational “IEP” may need some attention. Contact us to schedule a conversation to explore how we might help.

  • If you’d like to keep ACI in mind for future strategic support, we’d be delighted to connect. Contact us to schedule a capabilities briefing. We’ll spend some time learning about your company and share an overview of our offerings so we can more easily work together when you are ready for our services.



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