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Your 3, 5, and 7: What are they?

Last weekend when I took my little "hear myself think"/mini "soul vacation" I crystalized the most important things I need to be working on right now in order to create the results I want (AND still feel great while doing so).

I started by taking myself through my own process I use with clients to access an authentic and efficient plan. Part of my process includes getting clear on the true intention, why it's important, who it serves, what it impacts, who I have to be to make it so, and how to create that impact with the most ease, pleasure, and meaning possible.

Simple queries. Platinum outcomes.

Monday, after my gorgeous retreat, I walked into the office, clear, ready to dig in, let's go! I opened my email and was greeted by two emails that changed my week in a minute. Completely. Both were for time sensitive book related items that needed my attention in order to keep the rest of the team rolling and our timeline on track.

The first four days of my week, previously intended for business development and other projects, were "gone." It was only Monday morning and my week was spent before it even started.

Oh no! Best laid plans! Yikes!

Guess what? It all worked out.

I got the book stuff done AND, while I didn't do all of the original plan I'd been so bright eyed and bushy tailed about that happy Monday morning, I still managed to move the needle on core components of it.

While life happened and didn't go to plan (familiar?), I'd grounded myself in my 3, 5, and 7 which kept me on track.

Now... Were the days longer? Yes. (It's Friday morning and I feel like it's next Tuesday already.) Was there some loving and rigorous hustle involved? Yep. Did I move a few things on my calendar to next week? I did. Was it work? Um, ya. Did I have "moments of "oh crap!" and contraction and overwhelm and total vulnerability? 100%. Did I recover? Yes, quickly (awareness is queen, reboots are awesome, and reframes are magic). Was it worth it? You better believe it. Did it all work out? Thank God, yes.

Why? Because I was clear on my intention, I managed my energy, I stayed present, I asked for help, and I worked my 3, 5, and 7.

What is your 3, 5, and 7?

Your 3, 5, and 7 are the 3, 5, and 7 things you MUST do every day -- no matter what -- in order to create the results and impact you say you desire.

It's that simple.

The art is in getting clear on what you desire.

And then getting clear on what those 3, 5, and 7 things are.

And then, the real art (and work) is in doing them.

Why 3, 5, and 7? Three reasons:

  • the brain loves those numbers, they're easier to connect to than 2, 4, and 6;
  • you may only have 3 or 5 or 7 things you need to do every day (or maybe more, I found 11 when I did this originally and culled to 7) ,
  • and finally, when pushed against it, you can prioritize by 3, 5, and 7.

For example, if you have 7 things -- actions or ways of being -- you're committed to, you can rank them in order of importance and power from 1-7. On your toughest day, promising yourself just the minimal three, no matter what, may be your lifesaver. (And ironically the thing that makes getting to 5 and 7, easy peasy.)

For example, I know that in order for me to create the impact I want around the book, business, being a good mom and human, showing up well, and taking excellent care of myself, my 3/5/7 looks like this:

  1. Morning Practice: journal/meditate/be quiet/ground my space/prayer/set my intention for way of being for the day.
  2. Self-care: Exercise of some kind, hydration, and clean food that helps me stay clear and present (no contaminants necessary!).
  3. Intentional Crafting: Crafting my day so it supports me and sets me up as best possible. This might include: setting intentions, designing in deep work time chunks, evaluating impact and learning from the previous day, planning the next day (at the end of the current one), and then shutting down to be fully present for the evening/family/myself.
  4. Meaningful Connection: Outreach, connection, contribution, or something meaningful with at least one colleague, client, or prospective partner every day.
  5. Meaningful Contribution: Sending people resources, writing quality content, engaging in social media with care, sending a thank you note (hand-written old school).
  6. Learning and Growth: Learning at least one thing a day that grows me, stretches me, or makes me uncomfortable and gets me more comfortable with my discomfort.
  7. Specific actions for business development or anything I'm measuring and want to see improvement in. (If you're clear on your plan, you'll know what goes here.)

So there are 7 categories of things to be and do to move the needle forward on my goals and leadership. Notice they're a blend of "being," "doing," "connecting," and "contributing" practices. I don't necessarily do every single thing in each category (listing ideas here for your reference), however, I will do what I sense will serve me best. The clearer and more grounded I am on 1-3, the more I know what needs to be in 4-7 and the easier they become. Get it?

Your 3/5/7 will be unique to you. And I'm betting you will love them. (They have a way of loving you back.)

An invitation to consider this today. To dig into it this weekend. And then to rock it all next week.

Have a great Friday!


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