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In the last six months, I've done 79+ interviews, articles, and guest posts for the launch of Contagious You. Have you seen them? Many of them you can find on my Articles & Interviews page.

In the meantime, here are seven you may enjoy:

  1. 20 Books That Will Make You a Better Coach or Mentor -- Forbes
  2. 22 Simple Daily Habits That Separate High Achievers from Everyone Else --
  3. The Wisdom Series from Rob Dube with Anese Cavanaugh: Part 3 — Inspiring More Energetic, Productive Teams with Positive Leadership
  4. 10 Resolutions for Successful Leaders to have in the New Year --
  5. How the Lowest Vibration in the Room is Costing You Money & Morale --
  6. Can Introverts Have an Energetic Presence? -- Quora
  7. 8 Easy Ways to Spread a Good Attitude -- Psychology Today

And if you're in the Placer County, CA area this Saturday, I'd love to see you at Barnes & Noble on Galleria Blvd (1pm - 3pm) for a Contagious You book event. Books, prizes, meet & greet and more... Come join the fun!

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