Leadership Between the Lines

Your Monday Morning (or any morning) Leadership Ritual


One of the greatest things we can do right now for those we love and lead is to be able to hold and command our space, bring a solid and loving presence to our lives, and take care of ourselves so we can show up as our best and create a safe and trustworthy space for them. It starts with us.

Each of us individually create an energetic field for ourselves -- this is contagious (ie. Contagious You) -- and, at the same time, we create an energetic field as a culture -- which is also contagious (ie. Contagious Culture).

In today's video, carrying on the new format with video (thank you for your feedback), I talk about how you can create your own space and set the tone for your day, and your week. Especially on a Monday. (For ease, you can read some of the core content below and a reminder that if you want subtitles, just hit "CC" in the lower right hand corner when you view.)



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For the week... 


You're heading into the next week of your life. You have a lot going on. You may be heading back to work, working from home, in a new job, looking for a new job, redesigning your business and offerings that no longer work, may have your kids home due to COVID and also summer, there's lots happening; relationships, kids, parents, pets, homes, marriage, rent, mortgage, allllll of it. Not to mention all happening in our world and country, tension, racial tension, ambiguity, fear, anger, allllll of it... 


And all of it deserves and needs conscious attention and care... 


So... an offering of a moment for YOU to stop and get centered in yourself and in your own space to STOP for a moment. Regardless of your position: CEO, teacher, parent, professional, student, etc... STOP. And reclaim YOUR space. 


Here's a process you can do everyday, in 10 minutes (or more or less), as you wish. The more days you do it in a row, the stronger this becomes.


1. Land. Claim YOU and your space. BREATHE. Stop. Give yourself 10 minutes to just notice (and claim) YOU. How you are, how you feel, what you need, how your energy is, what your emotional state is... HOW ARE YOU? Feel into it. What is the littlest thing you can do to make yourself more "full"? (By "full" I mean full of your own energy and life force.) When you ask yourself this question from a present place, your mind, heart, body, and spirit will tell you what is needed. (You just have to be quiet enough to hear it.) 

1a. Build your internal congruency. Now... Make a promise to do "it". Whatever came up for you during your reflection time as a next step or a need, write it down and honor it. It might be to send an email, ask for help, make a call, take an hour OFF for ME time, eat some spinach. Whatever came up, honor it. Make a promise to tend to it and then follow through. (It does not matter how big or small.) THIS IS A WAY OF BUILDING INTERNAL TRUST AND CREDIBILITY with yourself which translates into the rest of your leadership and impact. You ability to build trust and credibility with others is highly dependent on your ability to build it for yourself. 

2. Set your intentions for your day (and/or week). Now you'll set your intentions for what you want to create today. For example: Who do I want to be today? What are the 3 most important things I want to create today that will move me, this relationship, my team, the company, my mission, etc. forward today? How do I want to feel? And, what's the experience I want to create? Energy flows where attention and intention goes -- which creates results and impact. Set your intentions and mean them. 

3. Lock it in with breath or ritual. Anything that will get you present to the intentions you set and lock them in. For example: breathing, meditation, dance, bubbling up, anything to help you get the intentions into your body and really own them. 


During this time it is crucial that you as leader create the space for yourself and the trust and credibility for yourself so that you can create trust and credibility and safe space for those you love and lead. The biggest gift you can give to others is to be a solid, conscious, present, clear force for yourself so you can be that for others as well. And bonus... it's contagious. 


Happy Monday, stay safe, stay well, lead.