#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

How to Prepare Your Workplace for the Next Generation of Employees

In the first column of this series I talked about shifting your culture's mindset from "j.o.b.s" to "callings" and tapping into purpose to energize, fuel, and bring out the best in your people. In part 2, I talked about shifting your culture to a healthy mindset of collaboration and competition. This week I'm talking about the most important thing you have in an employee: their personal level of accountability and nourishment. In order to innovate into 2020 (starting yesterday) we must cultivate a culture that allows for, and inspires, a greater level of accountability and nourishment than ever before. Our future literally depends on it.

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Inc.com: Your Employees Want a Calling, Not a Job

As we move towards 2020, workforce trends will require that leaders hire talent based on their callings, and not just to fill a job.

In order to innovate to the next level in your organization, to attract, cultivate--and keep--top talent, and to inspire and tap into the greatest desires and creativity of your employees, you'll need to address 4 things: their sense of purpose and contribution, their sense of creativity and autonomy, their mindset of collaboration and partnership, and their own personal nourishment and self-care so they can do all they want to do and have the impact they want to have. Here are a couple of ways to tap into this NOW.

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Inc.com: Your Leadership Prowess Rests on These 3 Things (Part 1)

I'm frequently asked to work with business leaders and their organizations to help them unlock leadership potential and build healthy cultures. Even upon the initial conversations, I can tell fairly quickly how easy our work will be and how quickly we'll create impact by three things:

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7 Awesome Acts of Kindness for Your Employees

It's been a big year and your employees worked hard, so why not send them into the new year with an extra boost? They'll come back ready to roll and more inspired than ever. Here are 7 things you can do this week to love them up and send them off.

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Keys to unlocking your team's potential ... and keeping your best talent

The level of disengagement in the American workplace is staggering. But the solution is as simple as getting consistent feedback from your employees and providing positive feedback in return. [tweet_quote hashtags="@iepmethod" ]This feedback loop has been shown to increase employee engagement[/tweet_quote] as well as boosting creativity and productivity while improving retention.

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