#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Shifting, optimizing & changing culture...it doesn't have to be hard

boot-leaves[tweet_quote hashtags="@IEPMethod" ]It's not as hard as we make up...
It can even be exciting...

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The Energy of Busy...

Got a minute?

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Want to add zero's to your business? Smiles to your peeps? Add Love to your leadership.

Got love? Go hug someone. Got love? Go hug someone.

"The energy is way better in here... What's happening? It just feels better." "I'm not sure what's shifted, I just like working here more now." "I'm coming back, AND I'm telling my friends."

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What do you stand for? What impact will your leadership create?

What impact do you want to see in the world? Do this to do that. What impact do you want to create in the world? Do this to do that.

This is not a question to be brushed over. Yet maybe my shortest blog post ever.

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How to lead energized and effective leadership team meetings

I was working with a couple of clients this week helping them think through a big meeting next month for their team. The usual suspects showed up: What outcomes do we want? Why are we having it? Do we really need to have it? How can it be as meaningful as possible? How much time do we have? What might come up that we need to be prepared to work with? Who needs to be there? You know... that stuff.

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