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7 and 7 for Welcoming 2020

How's your 2020 so far? What are you creating? Are you feeling nourished? Inspired? Or are you wiped out already? Are you excited about your plan? Feeling daunted by it? Or are you underwhelmed and need a bigger game? Or maybe you're ready to rock, but are having a hard time discerning next steps (or how to influence people to go with you), or maybe you haven't even thought about it because you're still recovering from 2019.


Whatever the case, I want to share an excerpt from this week’s #TuesdayTreats with you (Don’t get it??? Sign up here.)


As we enter 2020 and you do your work for stepping into the next decade, let's come back to CULTURE. And, let's bring YOU into it in a new way now that you are equipped with the resource of going more deeply into your OWN contagiousness and impact with Contagious You. This, my friend, is THE power combo. To create the impact and culture you want to create, we have to address both YOU and CULTURE very intentionally, so here are some Qs to consider and to "do your work" around: 


For your contagious CULTURE: 

  1. What is the condition of your culture as we move from 2019 to 2020? (What do you WANT it to be?) 
  2. How does it feel to work in your organization? (How do you WANT it to feel?)
  3. How aligned are you all in your purpose, intended impact, and desire for what it FEELS like to be in your organization? 
  4. How is your culture either costing you money, outcomes, bonuses, people, morale, creativity...  OR propelling you to great levels of revenue and impact (and all of the good stuff)? 
  5. How are YOU personally contributing to the culture you have? (You are. I promise. Don't worry, this means you have huge influence and power here.) 
  6. What are the other factors and players that you see need attention as you enter 2020? 
  7. What's your vision for your culture, your leadership, and what you're going to do this year (and/or this decade)? 

For your contagious YOU: 

  1. What do you want to create this year/decade? 
  2. Who do you want to become this year/decade?
  3. How will you have to show up?
  4. What kind of contagious do you want to be? What will you choose daily? 
  5. What will you have to let go of to become this person, be this kind of contagious, and create this impact?  
  6. What do you need to OWN (in terms of how you're showing up, how you're impacting culture, how you're getting in your own way and/or making magic) and modify or up-level as necessary to set you up even better? 
  7. What are three things you will do DAILY to up-level your well-being, contagiousness, impact, and thereby culture (and results)? 

I promise if you sit with these questions and allow yourself a little work and TLC with them, new information will come up. And that new info can make your next year (decade), so let's go. 


If you want to dig into Culture and your organizational health -- read CONTAGIOUS CULTURE, get the IEP-Activator Program for your organization/team (on final sale now through 1/31), enroll your team in IEP School, and/or have me come in and speak. I have a new keynote on Creating a Positively Contagious Culture that hits all the elements of WHAT you need to have and WHO you all need to be in doing so. (Including an UPDATED CULTURE CHECKLIST... YA.) It's good and I have it for you when you're ready for me. Inquire here to have me speak. (Please provide as much info as possible about your event/desires to save us all time.)


If you want to dig into YOU and your leadership: read CONTAGIOUS YOU, the LEADER YOU WILL BE: An Invitation, get #ProjectImpeccable (for 60 days of IEP), enroll in IEP School for yourself. And, as always, if you want to address CONTAGIOUS YOU for your organization/team, I'm delighted to come in and speak to your organization or at your next conference. I also have a new keynote for CONTAGIOUS YOU: Creating Impact and Becoming the Leader You Will Be. (The two keynotes for Culture and YOU can be blended to serve your audience.) Same as above, inquire here to have me speak. 


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