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7 Awesome Acts of Kindness for Your Employees


It's been a big year and your employees worked hard, so why not send them into the new year with an extra boost? They'll come back ready to roll and more inspired than ever. Here are 7 things you can do this week to love them up and send them off.

1. Don't let them come into the office this week. Often, there's just no reason for them to come in. Unless there's something they just simply have to do and are wickedly inspired by, keep them out of the office this week.

2. Keep them off email and office text. The only text they should be getting from you this week is one that says, "Thank you, you rock, have an amazing holiday. Can't wait to pick things back up next year."

3. Before they head out, take a moment to see them. Yes, really see them. Your employees do a ton of things for you and your company, but who are they? Take a moment to acknowledge who they are and how they show up. Brave, committed, graceful, inspiring, generous, kind... what do you see in them? Say it.

4. Surprise them. What's something you've been thinking you'd like to do for your team but just haven't had the time, energy, or resources to make happen? Make it happen, and let them know.

5. Make a list and check it twice. Those things your employee did this year that he or she doesn't think you noticed? I'm talking the little things, not just the big. Make a list (big or small) and reflect it back. You're "busy," but I know you're also watching. Speak to it. (And if this one's hard for you, Awesome, you have a new place to focus in leadership this next year.)

6. Share the "Container." What possibilities do you see for this person next year? Who do you see him or her becoming? What's one stretch goal you'd love to see this person set? The size of the "container" you hold for the people you lead helps influence who they can and will become (and is also a huge reflection of your leadership).

7. Love 'em. It's that simple. Even if you do none of the above, send out an extra bit of love to your people. You don't even have to tell them (though that's a nice touch)--they'll feel it.

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to nurturing, seeing, and feeding your team, especially at the end of the year. How you show up with them, what you share, what you intend, and how you send them out of 2014 can make the difference between people sludging back after the holiday or coming in bright eyed, bushy tailed, boots on, and ready to roll. Go big. 

// This article first appeared on December 22, 2014 on

// Image credit: Getty Images.

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