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Becoming in 2021

Almost every year I write a big broadcast for our subscribers with special queries and exercises to close out the year and bring on the next. (You can also search this blog for end of year posts and questions to support you as well.) Since 2020 has proven to be so... deliciously demandingly different... I'm shifting gears. Here's the invite. Get subscribed (if you're not already), read my stuff and do the work and exercises I offer in my broadcasts and in my blogs (at no charge), ask yourself these SEVEN questions (below) as you leave 2020 and lean into the 11 "Anese-isms" as you enter 2021, take an assessment (or four) on our new assessments page*, and enroll in any of my self-paced programs as they resonate for you, and/or in my live virtual programs coming in 2021 (there are TWO: Learning Labs and Impact Cohorts). [A special note about this site, any page with the "wave" as shown above, is a new page with new resources or offerings for 2021. Have fun and please join!!]

Ready? Here we go... 


Here are your queries for closing your year and stepping into 2021:

  1. Who did I become this year?
  2. Who and how did I serve or contribute to helping things go better?
  3. Who were my greatest allies and supporters? How did I thank them and did I pay-it-forward? 
  4. What wisdom and learning, likely hard-earned and maybe even crappy at the time, do I want to make sure I take with me and benefit others with?
  5. Who do I want to become in 2021?
  6. What kind of intention setting or reset will I need to do to become this person?
  7. How will I nourish myself so I can love and lead at my best? 

"Anese-isms" (as these have been called) to support you in 2021: 

  1. Your intention must be bigger and more important than your discomfort.
  2. Asking for help (and receiving it) is a leadership skill.
  3. Self-care is generous, necessary, and also a leadership skill.
  4. Every moment offers a choice point: contract or expand, fear or love, judgment or curiosity, blame or claim, be the dark or the light, contribute to things going worse or better... 
  5. Intuition is always right, interpretation may be off; stay awake, get curious, discern.
  6. The person with the strongest and clearest intention, the cleanest energy, and the most congruent presence is the person people will want to be with and follow. Be that person.
  7. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself -- be your own best friend. Be able to count on you.
  8. Trust and credibility are an inside-out game. Build your trust and credibility with yourself => build it with others. Period. 
  9. You intention will ground what you want to create. Your energy will give you the resources and stamina to create it. And your presence will make the whole thing so. (Or not.) 
  10. When you're scared, uncomfortable, or simply "in your own way" -- go back to intention, gratitude, love, and being of service. Instant state shifters. 
  11. You are always becoming. The question is what and who are you becoming? You can decide to shift this at any moment (see 1-10 for help here).

It's been an HONOR to be with you in 2020. This was definitely the most educational, challenging, "painful" and also deeply powerful year of my life and for this work/business... I know that is true for many of you as well (for perhaps similar or different reasons). Whatever the case, and however you are closing 2020, I send you love and great wishes for 2021.


Please join me in the new year with our new offerings as we create impact together in this new world. 




*NOTE: these assessments are being copy-edited this next week, I'm releasing them early so you have them as you close the year. In other words, if you find typos or errors -- smile, breathe, and focus on the gift of the content and what it can offer you. Thank You!

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