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Transforming Culture by Identifying and Addressing Energy Issues [Video]

At Active Choices, Inc., we’ve identified a common challenge many executives experience, but often don’t realize they are dealing with: the energetic health of their organizational culture.

Energy can be a complex issue to assess and address; it's intangible and is frequently perceived as "woo woo," placing it low on the list of priorities for culture and leadership development. Yet the ability for companies to unlock the future comes down to the way people show up to every meeting, every Zoom call, every 1:1 interaction, and every work assignment.

Tune in to learn insights on how to determine if an “energy crisis” is at the core of your culture issues, when and how to take action, and what to watch out for when considering bringing external experts or partners in for support.



Key Highlights & Quotable Moments:


(5:50) Indicators that your company is on the right track and creating an environment where your team can thrive. Read more here about indicators of an authentically positive energy workplace.


(12:50) Learn more about symptoms of a toxic workplace culture that may be warning signs of a deeper energetic issue. Check out this blog post to dive deeper into these red flags to watch out for.


(26:35) How the IEP Method® supports healthy communication, collaboration, builds trust, and saves time for you and your employees.


(35:30) How to determine if it's time to take action to address the energy of your workplace culture, and indicators that your organization is ready to move forward.


(39:00) Developing a holistic approach to energy management and an inside-out approach to culture change.


(45:00) How the IEP Method® increases the effectiveness and ROI on other skills-development and employee training programs.


(53:00) Considerations when bringing in outside partners and/or consultants for your energy and culture development initiatives.


"No matter what the hours your team is working, it's important to make sure that people can create the space and the conversation around self care. Self care is not just a 'me' thing, but it's actually a 'we' thing. It's an organizational and systemic thing, so companies have the opportunity to make sure their employees can take tend to their self care in a way that's really authentic for them and congruent — and not the way that you're mandating it." — Anese Cavanaugh


"Why is it that I'm doing the work that I'm doing? Even if right now, this isn't my happiest place? Because if you can connect the why, you start to create more positive energy, which is then going to help you move forward. And when you don't have that, and you have a bunch of people who are unclear about their why, then you have a major energy crisis. Now you got a bunch of people suffering through their days. And this is, I think this is really really common, unfortunately, but it's also very quickly remedied."  — Anese Cavanaugh

Ready to Up-Level Your Leadership?

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