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Jenny Wiley

Jenny is Director of Programming & Community Growth at Active Choices, Inc. and a Certified Professional Coach and facilitator. She specializes in group coaching, community learning, culture integration, and supporting teams and leaders.
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Prioritizing Personal Energy Accountability in Your Organizational Growth Strategy

As the leading experts in culture-optimization strategies, the Active Choices, is at the forefront of workforce trends and leadership growth frameworks to support and create a resilient and sustainable organizational culture.


In 22+ years working with client partners, we’ve found that a common challenge many executives experience — but often don’t realize they are dealing with — is how best to encourage energy accountability with their leadership teams and workforce.


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Are You New to the IEP Method®?

If you're new to learning about the IEP Method, here are some resources to help get you acquainted with the premise of the framework. 

What is the IEP Method?

The IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence®) is ACI’s proprietary methodology and impact model at the heart of our leadership and training programs. Your IEP is the energy you bring to the room and how people experience you each and every moment.

There are three main components of the IEP Methodology:

  • Rebooting your presence
  • Building a strong energetic field and foundation
  • Creating intentional impact

Creating a solid Intentional Energetic Presence will inspire you to take initiative in your life, collaborate more effectively, show up more powerfully, create the impact you want — AND honor your well-being while doing so. Plus, through intentional leadership and the IEP framework, you can help create a positively contagious workplace culture! 


Check out a video overview of the IEP Method here:


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Are You Ahead of the Game? Why Proactively Optimizing Your Company Culture Makes Strategic Sense

At Active Choices, Inc., our team regularly interacts with leaders in organizations who are interested in supporting and optimizing their company culture. In today’s business landscape, “culture” isn’t just a buzzword: it’s evolved into a strategic approach that can be leveraged to drive performance, attract top talent, and foster innovation for your company. 

Culture has surfaced as a critical factor that can make or break an organization's success. 

One of the keys to unlocking the power of a strong company culture lies in proactivity and approaching culture optimization strategically. It can sometimes feel simpler and more straightforward to approach your company culture reactively (by changing policies hastily, disregarding employee input, moving forward on engagement campaigns without leadership commitment, prioritizing short-term fixes, etc.), but in the long term, these “quick fixes” are not sustainable and can end up costing your company more time, energy, money, and trust with your people.


Let’s delve into some of the top reasons why being ahead of the game in cultivating a positive culture is not just a choice, but a strategic necessity for leaders and executives to pay attention to:

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Unlocking Culture Innovation: How ACI's PEW-i Credential Program Energizes Your Workforce

Is your organization looking to create a positive and thriving work environment that fuels innovation and inspires your employees to perform at their best?


By tapping into ACI’s Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ (PEW-i) Credential Program, your organization and workforce are empowered to learn and embrace the IEP Method® and build a culture that sustainably nurtures innovation, performance, and well-being.


Pursuing organizational credentials through PEW-i provides immediate benefits for your workforce AND a future-forward strategy for your company culture, especially since the criteria is centered around the IEP Methodology. By focusing on quality intentions, energy, and presence for each employee, it empowers everyone to contribute to the success and impact of a company’s mission and goals.


Here are three energizing outcomes to envision when your organization begins the IEP Method journey and completes credentialing:

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